Appnapan 5th October 2022 Written Update: Pallavi decides to play Sonali’s game to defeat her!


Appnapan 5th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi crying in room. Nick comes and senses Pallavi is upset. Nick says I know you wanted Sonali to go away but instead all this happened. Pallavi wipes her tears. Pallavi sets her bed. Nick asks for medicines so Pallavi gives it and goes to bed. Nick tries to explain her and asks to give him a chance. Pallavi says you didn’t say all this outside. Pallavi remembers all the betrayals by Sonali and cries. Nick hugs Pallavi. Pallavi vents out. Sonali sees this and gets upset.

Sonali brings milk and says aunty asked me to give this to you. Sonali gives Nick a glass and a glass to Sonali. Sonali says sorry, Nick was just trying to help me as I forgot my medicines. Sonali goes. Nick gets a client call asking for substitute of eggs. Pallavi prompts a solution but also mentions that I have not tried it. Nick ends the call and suggests Pallavi that we should make it tomorrow. Pallavi says yes perfect. Nick plans more for the kids but Pallavi sleeps. Nick feels wierd as Pallavi slept so soon. Sonali smirks thinking her medicines are working.

Next day, kids and Dadi are happy seeing their respective favourite breakfast. Sonali comes with mops and cleaning bucket. They all notice her. Sonali says I hope the breakfast is okay? Man asks you made it? Sonali says yes. Dadi asks if Pallavi asked you to do this? Sonali says even if she asked also it’s fine, I am staying here. Sonali says you all eat, I will do cleaning or else Pallavi will come and get angry.

Pallavi wakes up and sees the time. Pallavi gets shocked seeing she slept for so long. Here, Nandita come and taunts Pallavi for being double face and making her sister work. Nick comes and asks Nandita to stop. Nick says I am sure Pallavi didn’t ask you to. Sonali pretends to faint. Nick handles her and makes her sit. Nick asks her to eat medicines and then only work. Sonali requests all to eat breakfast. Nandita says wow so many varieties of food in breakfast, both the sisters are talented. Pallavi is ready and worries thinking she is oversleeping a lot. Nick comes and says it’s okay, it happens. Nick asks Pallavi to keep a maid. Pallavi says no. Nick says but asking Sonali to all this is not good. Pallavi says I didn’t ask Sonali. Sonali comes with tea for Pallavi. Sonali diverts the topic. Nick says Sonali is not well. Pallavi says I won’t ask her to do anything. Sonali says I have a wish to go to Vaishano Devi without footwear. Sonali goes. Sonali gets happy seeing success in her plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi calls a neighbour going to Vaishno Devi to take Sonali. Sonali gets shocked. Pallavi gets determined to find if Sonali is really ill. Nick and Pallavi spend some time together.

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