Appnapan 6th July 2022 Written Update: Nandita’s secret gets out infront of Pallavi!


Appnapan 6th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick going towards Harsh and Gagan with a hockey stick. Pallavi looks shocked. Nick asks Gagan’s friends to leave and warns them. Nick stops Gagan and Harsh and asks them to stop. Nick says you are very angry right so hit me, I am in the middle. Harsh says I didn’t start this, he is fighting like street dog. Gagan says you started it.

Nick says hit me if you want or else stop. Nandita, Shanky and everyone gather. Shanky and Nandita ask Nick to stop. Nick asks everyone to go back to the kitchen. Nandita asks Harsh if he is okay. Nick starts to leave and cares for Harsh while Pallavi cares for Gagan. Mana claps and says what a scene, this family has drama and action, why can’t we be a normal family. Mana cries when Nandita consoles her. They all leave and Pallavi finds soya sauce bottle fallen from Nandita’s purse. Pallavi relates how Nandita must have done this.

Later, in the kitchen Pallavi thinks about all the events when Badal comes and consoles her. Badal trues to cheer her up. Badal says today in maincourse the mistake didn’t happen by it’s own. Pallavi says I know. Here, Nandita asks a staff to remove the old sign of restaurant. Pallavi comes and gives the sign. Nandita says I thought you left us for good and destroyed us enough, but I was wrong, so just stop it. Pallavi says I know you mixed those sauces in Badal’s food so just stay away from my kids, I know the person taking care is much more of value than who gave birth so I am not telling about this to anyone so just stay in limit. Nandita leaves and gets nervous.

Ishan comes to Pallavi and informs her how Mana has locked herself in the washroom. Badal, Ishan and Pallavi try to open the door and they break the door. They find Mana unconscious. Pallavi rushes Mana to hospital from back gate. Here, Nandita tries to introduce Nick to some important critics when Nick says where is Pallavi? She should be here. Nandita says your focus should be here and not there, so focus please. Here, in the hospital nurse gives a list of medicines needed. Pallavi thinks of all the time Mana has drank and created scene and how she always wanted a family. Barkha calls Pallavi and asks about Mana. Pallavi says doctor is checking her but don’t tell anyone as Mana’s name will get ruined.

Doctor comes and informs Pallavi that Mana is out of danger. Doctor asks Pallavi if she was in depression as Mana drank shampoo it was a suicide attempt. Pallavi gets shocked and goes inside to see her. Pallavi cries seeing Mana like that.

Here, Nick is asked about the food taste and fusion idea. Nick says it’s possible because of Pallavi. The critics ask Nick to continue with such fusions. Here, Mana aska for water so Pallavi gives her water. Mana sees Pallavi and that she is in the hospital. Mana asks who got me here? What are you doing here? Pallavi says I brought you here, how can you do this and drink shampoo. Mana says how does it matter to you? Pallavi says you shouldn’t do this again, or else I won’t be able to take it. Mana asks where was your motherhood from so many years?

How did it come now? We always thought you are a star. Pallavi says I can’t answer you that. Mana says you know in childhood, I had long hairs and got lices but didn’t have anyone to comb my hairs so dad took me to spas where I imagined people to be my mother. Mana says I always wanted a mother but today yout presence is hurting me more, just go or else I will go from here. Pallavi cries and leaves. She watches Mana from far. Mana cries.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi decides to mend things between her and all her kids. Nick gets shocked to hear Mana was in hospital and got discharged. Pallavi gets Mana to her house.

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