Appnapan 8th August 2022 Written Update: Nandita makes Nick distracted from Pallavi’s matter!


Appnapan 8th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi telling to Nani I didn’t expect Harsh to do it. Harsh says meet new owner Harsh, I won’t let anyone to live here, everyone leave only Nani can live here. Everyone get shocked. Here, Badal is handling Nandita who is sick. Nick decides to take to a nearby place but Nandita says I want to go to Globus, people know me there. Nandiya thinks now in Gulati house things would have elevated. Barkha tries to call Badal but he doesn’t pick up. Gagan gets angry on Harsh.

Pallavi comes to Harsh and explains to Harsh about her compulsion due to which she got separated from him but he is her blood only and I am your mother. All the kids get emotional except Harsh. Harsh says I don’t consider you my mother. Harsh cries in anger. Pallavi comes to him and says I understand you don’t consider me your mother but you will always be my son. Harsh says does mother mean someone who leaves her kids? Now tell me my mom what is the definition, you gave Mana spoon examples, it also needs four hands, but I had no one, tell now, why you didn’t choose Mana instead of Barkha? What is our fault? I was faulted and I had knee issue that is why?

Dad was always out for business trip, I was elder to Mana but I had no one to look upto, I always took care of her, we were so scared as kids, we always dreamt of being with our dad and mom but we had no one, so tell me now when you stole our childhood from me then from what right are you calling yourself mom? Harsh cries and so does Mana. Harsh sits crying. Pallavi goes to Harsh. Pallavi sits with him but he ignores her. Harsh says now it doesn’t matter why you did it? But the thing is what was our fault that you did it like this. Pallavi remembers their childhood with Mana and Harsh.

Pallavi asks Harsh to cry, I am ready to face your punishment, I am your culprit but I had to keep you away but I always missed you both. Pallavi says I always missed you while sleeping. Harsh asks her to stop the emotional thing,your house will get auctioned tomorrow then you will feel the pain. Nani tries to explain Harsh. Harsh says you can stay with us and Mana both. Mana comes to Pallavi. Harsh says Mana was the only person I had with me from childhood and you made her go to your side? Pallavi says Mana wants to give me a chance but you are not ready to forget the past.

Here, Nick drives harshly. Badal tries to calm Nandita. Nandita thinks from acting only will die. Gagan worries as Nick and Badal both are not picking up. He gets upset. Pallavi cried and prays to god. Harsh says you are still here? Just leave from. Gagan gets tensed. Pallavi gets up and starts to go disheartened. Harsh stands happy while Barkha stops her. Barkha says why will we listen to him? You didn’t think of us only. Barkha asks Harsh who are you to make us go out from here? I have my childhood here. Harsh says atleast you have a childhood. The neighbours talk ill about Harsh. Barkha taunts mom. Mana comes and asks Barkha to stay quiet as Pallavi needs us right now. Barkha says offcourse, you are her favourite. Ranveer comes and Pallavi faints. Mana says I will bring medicines. Harsh says keep the blankets for the night.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi falls down. Gagan worries for her. Nandita thinks the matter would have been to our favour now.

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