Appnapan Upcoming Story: Barkha’s health to get critical?


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Sony’s show Appnapan has a new entry of Nick’s mom. Where the custody war has already begun again between Pallavi and Nick. Now, Dadi has come to them and after seeing the interview she believes that Nick and Pallavi are bck together.

Nick requests Pallavi and kids to pretend as a family as Dadi is sick. With this new challenge how will Pallavi and Nick ignore their fights and the custody war to stay together?

In the ongoing track, Dadi comes to meet Pallavi where she sees Nick as well. Dadi thinks Pallavi and Nick are together. Nick tells Pallavi in person how Dadi had an heart issue learning we separated.

Nick asks Pallavi and the kids to pretend like they are a family. Nandita is furious to know Dadi went to see Nick first. Dadi enjoys the family time and asks everyone to prepare for Rakhi tomorrow. Mana and Barkha think that they will not tie Rakhi to Harsh.

Later, they complain Nick and Pallavi about the same while Harsh also stays in his ego. Later, Nick and Pallavi are forced to stay in the same room and they feel awkward.

Later, Nick and Pallavi think to lure Mana and Barkha to tie rakhi to Harsh. But their plan fail as Mana and Barkha say they are firm with their decision. Here, Nandita is shocked to know from Harsh that Nick and Pallavi are sharing the same room.

Later, Nick and Pallavi decide to lock the kids in a room. This makes them fight with each other. Badal concludes how they should not boycott Harsh for now as Dadi’s health is priority.

Nick is shocked to know Nandita is coming to house and he thinks she has intentions to tell Dadi the truth. Here, Harsh sees Barkha having an asthama attack so he saves her life.

Pallavi and Nick praise Harsh. Later, they all celebrate rakhi. Harsh also ties rakhi from Barkha and Mana.

In the upcoming episodes, Nandita will try to instigate Ranveer so that he goes to talk to Pallavi. Ranveer will go to Pallavi and say they should speed up the marriage dates and preparations. Dadi listens to this and is shocked.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning?

What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message?

Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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