Appnapan Upcoming Story: How will kids react on the shocking news about Pallavi?


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Sony’s show Appnapan shows a unique show of a family and the story of Pallavi and Nick who are greatest of the chefs seperated due to misunderstandings which not only affected their lives but because of their divorce even their children have spilt. With such a dynamic storyline, viewers are excited to see what happens next!

In the on going track, Nani finds Harsh being bit suspicious and tries to tell Pallavi but Pallavi gets engaged with the mess Vishal created by sharing the hotel video within staff.

Lolita tries to tell and help Pallavi but Pallavi blames it on Nick. Nandita tries to provoke Nick against Pallavi with all the kids gone. Nick becomes enraged. Nick goes to the store room while Pallavi goes there too fot inventory check. Pallavi gets upset seeing Nick and starts complaining about his revenge plan.

Nick and Pallavi get locked inside so they get more irritated. Pallavi helps Nick in controlling his BP. Pallavi goes on complaining so Nick gives Pallavi vodka saying it’s sparkling water. Here, Harsh makes everyone go to a fancy restaurant amd he excuses himself to plant something in Pallavi’s room.

Ishan comes with Amira saying they are dating. While Barkha finds Sid from the USA and starts flirting with him. The kids will know about Ranveer and Pallavi and get shocked. Mana wi get upset and go while Ishan will follow her.

In the upcoming episodes, a lady will talk ill about Pallavi. Ram will get angry when Nick will stop him to not to interfere.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning?

What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message?

Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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