Appnapan Upcoming Story: How will Pallavi handle questions raised on her character?


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Sony’s show Appnapan shows a unique show of a family and the story of Pallavi and Nick who are greatest of the chefs seperated due to misunderstandings which not only affected their lives but because of their divorce even their children have spilt. With such a dynamic storyline, viewers are excited to see what happens next!

In the on going track, Pallavi is unable to handle the stress just then Ranveer comes and proposes to Pallavi. Pallavi gets shocked. Nick also sees it and decides to stay away. He drinks and cooks the whole night thinking about Pallavi and Ranveer and then his past moments with Pallavi.

Pallavi asks Ranveer to not do this but Ranveer asks Pallavi to take some more time to think. Nick gets to know Ranveer takes a cut from spices vendor so he terminated him. Pallavi is enraged knowing this and feels Nick did this to take revenge.

Flashback is shown where someone dies due to Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding and Pallavi reveals how Nick was unfaithful in their marriage. Vishal asks help from Pallavi stating his mom is ill. Pallavi goes to the hotel location where his mom and Vishal are there.

Pallavi gets to know Vishal called her for having some wrong intention and she fights him off. Few restaurant staff see Pallavi come out from the hotel room and think Pallavi has a loose character. Here, Barkha and Mana fight over thier spaces when Pallavi comes to resolve it. Just then, Harsh comes too and says I will stay here.

Pallavi gets happy while Barkha and Badal are upset. Pallavi cooks for her kids. Harsh talks to Nandita about their plan being successful and he will take revenge from Pallavi. Pallavi hears it so Harsh says after knowing the truth why will you care now? Pallavi says I am a mom, I will always care.

Later, Nani finds Harsh being bit suspicious and tries to tell Pallavi but Pallavi gets engaged with the mess Vishal created by sharing the hotel video within staff. Lolita tries to tell and help Pallavi but Pallavi blames it on Nick.

Nandita tries to provoke Nick against Pallavi with all the kids gone. Nick becomes enraged.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will try to help Nick in the store room but then they both will get stuck inside.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning?

What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message?

Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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