Appnapan Upcoming Story: Mana and Barkha to turn enemies!


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Sony’s show Appnapan shows a unique show of a family and the story of Pallavi and Nick who are greatest of the chefs seperated due to misunderstandings which not only affected their lives but because of their divorce even their children have spilt. With such a dynamic storyline, viewers are excited to see what happens next!

In the on going track, Gagan plans to take revenge from Harsh. Here, Badal comes to Ama kitchen and Nick praises his talent. Badal makes Nick taste his special sweet dish and Nick likes it. Nandita and Harsh get upset seeing them bond.

Barkha sees Gagan pack hockey sticks so she gets suspicious and goes to inform Pallavi but just then Pallavi gets a call from Badal informing her that someone is trying to frame him by ruining the food. He cries while Pallavi worries. Pallavi rushes to restaurant. Badal panicks seeing all dishes ruined and Shanky scolds him.

Badal says how Harsh tried to take revenge. On the other hand, Harsh gets beaten up by Gagan and his friends. Nick praises Badal and Pallavi infront of the critics while Nandita gets upset.

Nick stops Harsh and Gagan while Pallavi gets to know Nandita ruined the food prepared by Badal. Pallavi gets furious on her and warns her. Mana tries to suicide and faints. Pallavi, Ishan and Badal rescue Mana from washroom and take her to hospital.

Mana gets into senses and asks Pallavi to leave as at one point she needed a mom but she didn’t have one and now a mother’s presence is hurting her. Pallavi gets upset. Pallavi brings Mana to her house while Nick gets worried knowing Mana didn’t return even after getting discharged.

Mana and Pallavi spend quality time and they get emotional. Nick gets to know Mana is with Pallavi. Nick gets angry on Pallavi and how everything always happens like she says but not this time. Pallavi says my kids need me they are deprived of love. Lolita asks Ranveer to bond with Nick but not to take Pallavi’s name. Nick says how woman and marriages.

Nick asks about Ranveer’s love life. Ranveer says he has someone. When Nick asks for the name, Ranveer remembers lolita asked him not to take Pallavi’s name. Ranveer takes Lolita’s name. Mana and Barkha fight when Barkha sees Ishan messaging and giving gifts to Mana. They both mutually decide not to tell Pallavi about their fight.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will go to temple with her kids when Nick will come to stop her. Ranveer will decide to propose Pallavi.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning? What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message? Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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