Appnapan Upcoming Story: Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding to increase!


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Sony’s show Appnapan has new twist where the kids start living with Pallavi and this is not taken well by Nick. He decides to fight for custody. This shocks Pallavi and becomes the next challenge for her. Viewers are excited to know how will Pallavi handle this.

In the on going track, Ranveer comes with a cake to celebrate Nani’s birthday. The kids at first become upset seeing Ranveer but then understand his intentions. Harsh still taunts Ranveer about his intentions to marry Pallavi. Mana calms Harsh.

Nani cuts the cake and they all enjoy except Harsh. Here, Nick remembers his past with Pallavi how he proposed to her. Nick decides to celebrate the award he is getting this time. Shanky gets surprised seeing this side of Nick.

Nick says Pallavi can also come. Here, Pallavi is upset as all lawyers are saying as she doesn’t have money she will lose the custody. Pallavi is upset and comes to restaurant and sees Nick’s photoshoot happening.

Pallavi gets angry over Nick. Nick is intending to take kids to celebrate his award but Pallavi thinks Nick is talking about the custody. Nandita enjoys this misunderstanding and informs Harsh to hurry so that thier revenge is taken before the misunderstanding gets cleared.

In the upcoming episodes, Nick will enjoy partying with kids. Pallavi will see Harsh with the custody legal papers and will doubt his intentions. Pallavi will feel helpless after no lawyer is ready to help her.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning?

What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message?

Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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