Appnapan Upcoming Story: Nick and Sonali to get lost in a jungle!


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A major game change in Appnapan, Nick decides to listen to Sonali and hide things from Pallavi. While the track of the show has become quite interesting, with Nick and Pallavi’s remarriage track. The viewers are keen to see the bond of Pallavi and Nick.

Previously in the show, Sonali has come back in Meerut and has joined hands with Nandita. With Sonali successfully made her place in Pallavi’s house, she is all set to make Nick and Pallavi apart. Nandita and Sonali will definitely spice up the lives of Nick and Pallavi!

In today’s episode, Sonali learns that Nick is planning to leave for home early in the morning so she thinks to create some drama. Sonali tries to gain some emotional support from Nick but fails. The kids complain about getting up early everyday due to Dadi. So Pallavi suggests to play antakshri and they enjoy.

Nick keeps thinking if he should give Pallavi and his relationship another chance. Nick finds Sonali misssing so he goes to find her. Sonali pretends to be sleep walking in a jungle and trying to harm herself. This makes Nick worry for Sonali more. Here, Pallavi tries to distract herself by cooking for puja and getting ready for it.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will feel something is wrong and will start praying. Dadi will worry as Nick doesn’t return on time. Sonali and Nick come back home together which will shock Pallavi and Dadi.

Viewers are definitely in for a big turn of events as Nick and Pallavi abide by Dadi’s new wish and announcement.

Will Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding increase further?

Will Sonali’s true face come out?

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