Appnapan Upcoming Story: Nick to give a big shock to Pallavi!


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Sony’s show Appnapan shows a unique show of a family and the story of Pallavi and Nick who are greatest of the chefs seperated due to misunderstandings which not only affected their lives but because of their divorce even their children have spilt. With such a dynamic storyline, viewers are excited to see what happens next!

In the on going track, Mana creates a scene and asks Pallavi if she is the mistress. Pallavi gets angry and says I am your mother. Mana is shocked and Nick and Nandita take Mana and leave. Later, Nani asks Gagan to give the money back to Nick so Gagan lies and says yes as he has already stolen money.

Gagan meets Nick and informs him about using some amount of money. Nick decides to fullfill the duty of a father. Nandita thinks she can’t let Nick and Pallavi reunited. Later, Mana goes to Pallavi drunk and due to her Ishan’s aunt creates a scene and pandits leave thinking the environment is not pure.

Barkha gets emotional meeting Mana. They both go to Barkha’s room and discuss how the other one was more previlidged. Nick and Gagan come to find Mana while Pallavi and Badal prepare the dishes again for Pandit jis. Later, Gagan gets arrested for stealing. Barkha is upset and cries.

Pallavi rushes to Police station and gets to know Mr. Jaisingh filed the complaint. Pallavi gets angry on Nick. Nick defends himself and tries to take back the complaint when it is revealed Harsh filed the complain. Pallavi gets emotional seeing him. Pallavi tries to persuade Harsh to leave Gagan but Harsh tells Pallavi how he hates her. Pallavi is shocked.

Harsh later reveals to Nick how Gagan just returned the bag with fake money. Nick is shocked. Nandita smirks seeing her plan work and Harsh helping her. Mana comes to Pallavi to tell her how Harsh tried to trap Gagn wrongly. Pallavi confesses to the police about being the culprit. Pallavi cries and worries as both her sons can get charged.

Ranveer starts talking to the broker to sell the restaurant and he signs the deal without reading it. The money got helps in bringing Gagan out of jail. Pallavi, Lolita and Ranveer are shocked to know Nick has bought the restaurant and he has mentioned how the staff will remain same.

Pallavi is upset with the changes Nick is bringing and how he played with trust again. Here, Barkha, Gagan and Badal are upset over finding out Harsh being their eldest brother.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will leave the job against the agreement and will shock her family by getting a big makeover.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning? What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message? Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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