Appnapan Upcoming Story: Pallavi and Gagan to have a huge misunderstanding?


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A major game change in Appnapan, Sonali decides to switch sides and leave Badal’s side. While the track of the show has become quite interesting, a surprise twist is seen with the entry of Kinno Ma/ Dadi, that is Nick’s mom and her announcement of remarriage of Nick and Pallavi, that has shocked everyone.

Previously in the show, Sonali has come back in Meerut and has joined hands with Nandita. Sonali was seen determined to separate Nick and Pallavi this time. Nandita and Sonali will definitely spice up the lives of Nick and Pallavi!

In today’s episode, Nick gets to know Pallavi is having migrane so he gives her a balm. Next day, Sonali does all the puja preparations and wakes up the kids. Pallavi keeps on sleeping which shocks everyone. Sonali portrays how Pallavi has migrane so they shouldn’t wake her.

The puja starts and Sonali enjoys how her plan is successful. Suddenly,Pallavi wakes up and feels weird that she missed the aarti. She gets ready and goes down. She is shocked to see everyone doing aarti. After aarti everyone sees her so they go to her and make her sit.

Sonali gets angry with Pallavi getting attention. Gagan informs everyone about his job and everyone gets happy. Pallavi will ask many questions about the job which irritates Gagan. Sonali enjoys the drama. Pallavi and Nick share a cute moment together in room when Nick helps her get ready.

Sonali finds a perfect moment with Gagan to make him go against Pallavi. Pallavi listens to this and confronts Sonali. Sonali turns things on Pallavi. Nick gets confused if Pallavi is really trying to keep his kids away from him.

On the other hand, Barkha gets a call from Ishan wanting to meet her. Barkha takes Mana’s dress and gets ready like Mana to meet Ishan. Ishan gets shocked seeing this new side of Barkha.

In the upcoming episodes, Nick will ask Sonali to leave the house but he will be shocked to know about Gagan’s accident. Sonali and Nick will hurry to go to the accident place.

Viewers are definitely in for a big turn of events as Nick and Pallavi abide by Dadi’s new wish and announcement.

Will Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding increase further? Will Sonali’s true face come out?

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