Appnapan Upcoming Story: Sonali to tell Badal about the past?


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Sony’s show Appnapan has a new entry of Nick’s mom. Where the custody war has already begun again between Pallavi and Nick. Now, Dadi has come to them and after seeing the interview she believes that Nick and Pallavi are bck together.

Nick requests Pallavi and kids to pretend as a family as Dadi is sick. With this new challenge how will Pallavi and Nick ignore their fights and the custody war to stay together?

In the ongoing track, Nandita instigates Ranveer saying how people are doubting his and Pallavi’s marriage plans as you guys didn’t fix the dates. Ranveer believes her and decides to talk to Pallavi.

Later, Badal is informed by Rajjo that Sonali is alive so he decides to meet Sonali. Here, Ranveer plans for a big proposal whereas Dadi decides to go to cafe with Pallavi and kids. Nandita successfully takes Nick out of the picture by making him go out of city for meetings.

Later, Dadi and Pallavi come to the restaurant, the dhol plays so Dadi dances and asks Pallavi to join. They appreciate Nandita for such arrangements. Nandita smirks and thinks soon the bomb will drop.

Pallavi gets shagun plate and gets shocked. Then Ranveer comes and proposes to Pallavi with family bangles. This shocks Dadi and she asks what’s going on? Just then Nick comes and beats Ranveer. Nick makes it clear to Ranveer to stay away from Pallavi.

Nandita is upset seeing her plan get ruined. Here, Badal goes to the address Rajjo has given, he finds Sonali and brings her back. Badal tells Sonali how he is son of Nick and Pallavi and he wants to know the reason of thier divorce.

Sonali is shocked and ignores him but later seeing Badal pleading, Sonali reveals she is his mausi not aunty. Badal is shocked. On the other hand, Pallavi supports Nick infront of Ranveer and asks him not to hit on a married woman as she is married to Nick. This hurts Ranveer and he leaves.

Later when Nick apologies to Pallavi, Pallavi reveals how she thought of marrying Ranveer for custody case. Nick becomes happy knowing it but at night when Nick starts drinking he starts to question Pallavi’s feelings for Ranveer which makes her upset.

In the upcoming episodes, Dadi will do nazar utaro of Pallavi and Nick. Dadi will ask Nick to bring a lawyer as she has some announcement to make.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning?

What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message?

Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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