Appnapan Upcoming Story: Will Pallavi’s return end Sonali’s happy days?


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A major game change in Appnapan, Sonali and Nick are married. Sonali’s plan to get united with Nick prevails. This will surely bring in some high voltage interesting drama for the viewers!

Previously in the show, Sonali who had returned in Pallavi’s life to take away her peace tries to create lots of misunderstanding between Nick and Pallavi. Sonali made Dadi against Pallavi too. With Sonali unable to see herself get defeated from Pallavi, she used her master card and turned tables on Pallavi.

In today’s episode,Dadi comes to Pallavi and asks her about the nurse who came to the wedding. Dadi reveals how she observed everything and Sonali gave money to that nurse.

Dadi makes Pallavi confess about the big incident that happened 18 years back when Pallavi adopted Badal and told everyone she had twins. Pallavi reveals Badal is Sonali and Nick’s child. Dadi gets shocked and feels sad for Pallavi to always accept things and keeping silent.

Here, Nick drinks with Shanky as he is devasted with Pallavi not marrying him. Pallavi starts packing her bag and decides to leave. Pallavi asks Dadi to take care of the kids. Here, the kids get devastated knowing Pallavi left the house.

A mystery woman searches for Pallavi and thinks to talk to her. After one months leap, Dadi and Nani are missing Pallavi but Sonali enjoys her rich life with friends and alcohol. Nick has accepted Sonali as wife and does his duty.

Pallavi comes back on Diwali shocking Sonali. Sonali is upset and questions Pallavi why did she return but Pallavi doesn’t answer her and taunts her.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will inform Sonali about someone following them. At night, the in mystery women will scare Sonali.

Viewers are definitely in for a big turn of events as now Sonali got married to Nick.

Will Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding get some conclusion?

Will Sonali’s true face come out?

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