Bade Achche Lagte Hain, Upcoming Story: Brinda to bring out the truth of Pihu?


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with the show showing the lead couple Ram and Priya again coming together to pretend like husband and wife for Ram’s project with the minister, the fans are excited and expect the old Ram and Priya who were deeply in love.

With this new phase of the couples, we will see some old moments to get relived by the couple. How will this new track turn things around for the couple, will be interesting to watch!

In the on going track, Adi makes Ram realise this is all about a single deal. Krish tells Priya about Ishan getting blackmailed. Later, Nandini tries to threaten Priya that she will tell the truth of Ishan to Ram when Priya turns the table and warns Nandini about the things she is hiding.

Ram and Pihu come so they divert the topic. Priya gets determined to expose Nandini. Here, Ram tells Krish about converting Priya’s share into money. Everyone prepares for the bachelor party for Vikrant and Sara.

Nandini goes to her doctor so Priya sneaks into her room to get her fake medicines. She decides to expose her. Here, Nandini and Vedika plan to show Ishan’s recorded confession in Sara’s wedding.

Later, everyone enjoys the bachelorette party as the guys also join in. Brinda sees lot of similarities between Pihu and Ram. Brinda wonders if Priya lied about Pihu not being Ram’s kid. Ishan takes help from Krish to write back to the blackmailers.

Later, Shubham questions Ram for cashing out Priya’s share for Pihu. Ram tries to make him understand when they hear noise of Priya and Nandini so they go. Priya says I know you don’t take anti anxiety pills.

Ram comes and says don’t blame my mom, we faced a huge loss because of you. Ram says I will eat the medicine and prove my mom right. Priya says you think I am wrong so let me take the medicine, the biggest proof is how Pihu was unaffected. Priya takes the medicine.

Later, Nandini reveals to Shubham how she got to know about Priya’s plan and switched the pills. Priya takes the pill and feels dizzy so Ram takes her to hospital. Here, Brinda takes Pihu’s hair strand for DNA test. When Priya gets conscious, Ram asks Priya to not be bothered about the interview.

In the upcoming episodes, Everyone will enjoy in haldi. Priya will call Nandini’s doctor saying she lost her medicine. Nandini will be shocked to see the doctor.

How will Ram react to Pihu being his daughter? Will Priya and Ram be united?

Will Nandini’s truth ever come out?

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