Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Josh to manipulate Prachi again!


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Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain, another small leap of 3 years has happened and viewers are keen to see Raghav’s changed look and behaviour. With, Josh being the sole supporter of Prachi, it will also be interesting to watch how Josh’s true face comes out infront of Prachi and Lakhan with time.

In today’s episode, Prachi tells Raghav how she loves Josh. Raghav agrees for the partnership and calls Josh lucky as she loves him. The partnership deal signing meeting is paused Lakhan as he takes Raghav alone to praise his work and aware him about how he might be doing this for his love for Prachi so he should think twice. Raghav will sign the deal.

Josh gets happy and thanks Prachi. Josh also agrees to decide the wedding date. Josh gets a call from a girl asking him to meet him. Prachi invites Pihu to meet them for dinner but Pihu denies.

Prachi tries to book tabel for them in Josh’s favourite restaurant but she fails to do so. Raghav sees this and helps her get the reservation. Later, Prachi gets to know Josh is meeting a girl. Prachi tells about the same to Monika. Lakhan gets angry on Josh but they decide to let Prachi handle it.

Prachi goes to Josh’s hotel room and sees him hug a girl. Prachi scolds him and removes the engagement ring. The girl introduces herself as the wedding planner. Prachi will be shocked. Josh will say let’s take a break as you don’t trust me anymore. Prachi cries feeling guilty.

In the upcoming episodes, Prachi will feel guilty to doubt on Josh. Josh will get happy to know he will get more time for flirting and enjoying her bachelor life. Lakhan and Monika will be seen doubting Josh’s real intention but they will be helpless as Prachi is deeply in love with him.

Pihu will see Raghav being emotionless. Pihu will wonder how when your lover doesn’t love you back you somehow fall deeper in love. Angad will think of his same situation with Pihu.

Will Raghav be back in Prachi’s life?

How will Angad’s love story finally turn out?

Will Pihu, Raghav and Angad be able to prove themselves?

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