Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Nandini and Vedika to expose Priya!


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A shocking twist in Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain. Priya is all set to succeed in her plans of making Ram remember her and Pihu. Viewers are also enjoying this new avataar of Priya as Lovely, Ram’s PA.

Earlier, Ram lost his memory in the car accident. Ram’s memory is stuck to the day when Vedika married Sashi. Pihu and Priya were seen sad but then they decided to make Ram remember everything. Priya decides to enter Ram’s life as his PA and slowly make her way to him.

In today’s episode, Priya and Pihu reach office. Vikrant and Adi make sure Shubham doesn’t see Pihu. Shubham makes a scene in office knowing Lovely is rehired. Shubham talks ill for Shubham and Vikrant.

Ram gets shocked seeing Shubham abuse Adi and Vikrant so he asks Shubham to chose between apologising to them or leave the company.

Shubham doesn’t apologies as he listens to his ego. Later, Pihu comes to Ram asking him to be Ram in the Ram in skit. Ram refuses thinking about Pihu’s dad. Pihu gets upset.

Ram feels bad for her. Here, Sid digs into Lovely’s resume and finds out about her education qualification which doesn’t match with the profile. Nandini thinks Lovely is taking revenge but then thinks to handle her later as now Priya is the main concern.

Nandini and Vedika feel Priya is manipulating Ram. They reach Sood mansion and don’t find Priya. Here, Ram and Priya share a cute close moment as Pihu ties them together and goes. Ram and Priya untie each other and make promises to help each other.

Priya asks Ram to be Ram in the skit as well. Ram gets emotional and agrees. Later, Vedika gets the competition invite from Priya’s house so Vedika and Nandini decide to go to the competition.

Next day, Ram and Priya come to Pihu to take part witb her but Pihu says teacher is not allowing. So Ram motivates her saying they are in her heart. Pihu performs well and shows Ram ane Priya’s picture in her tshirt. Nandini gets shocked to know Priya is Lovely.

In the upcoming episodes, Vedika will hug Ram and confess her love for him. Ram will say he loves Priya and will faint. Vikram will be happy to know Ram’s memory is back.

Priya’s determination and her plan is surely seem to be working and Ram is able to recall his past moments, but will Nandini interrupt Priya’s plan?

Will Pihu be able to get her father’s love back?

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