Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Priya and Ram to have a fight!


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram and Priya’s acting of being together makes the minister convinced that they are really a couple but now Priya has some other mission. Priya decides to reveal Nandini’s real intention. With Nandini and Priya having a head on head fight to prove themselves right, who will Ram choose this time?

In the on going track, Everyone celebrates haldi when the doctor comes and Priya says I called him as Nandini’s medicines got destroyed. Nandini looks on. Doctor says medicines will come tomorrow but for today he has the injection.

Ram also supports the doctor while Nandini fails to convince them to take injection. Nandini is injected with the medicine and she sleeps. Here, Brinda gives the DNA samples for testing. Later, Shubham and Vedika threaten Priya when she also warns them.

Ram hears the last part and accuses Priya for threatening his family. Priya tries to explain but Ram doesn’t listen. The minister apologizes to Ram for doubting him and his family, but now he is sure that he has a really loving family.

Later they both do Kanyadaan of Sara. Everyone says people who get a chance to do kanyadaan their wishes are fullfilled. Ram wishes for Pihu to stay with him. While, Priya wishes for Ram to know about Pihu being his daughter somehow.

After the marriage is completed, Ram and Priya go to room where they are talking and Ram calls Priya liar. Pihu hears this and defends Priya.

In the upcoming episodes, the media will ask Pihu if Ram loves her? Pihu will look at Nandini. Here, Priya will tell Ram how she felt when Pihu was born.

How will Ram react to Pihu being his daughter?

Will Priya and Ram be united?

Will Nandini’s truth ever come out?

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