Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Raghav and Pihu to run away together!


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Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain, is all set to see another leap post the wedding of Prachi and Josh.

At the same time, a major drama happens when Lakhan takes a strong step against Raghav which breaks his family up. Viewers are dicey about this leap but at the same time excited to see a new persona of Raghav.

In today’s episode, Brinda feels sad for Angad and how is heart broke. Raghav reveals to all about his plans for the USA and how Lakhan is sending him to the USA. Pihu gets sad and is seen making Angad talk to Raghav. Later, Angad goes to talk to Raghav if he feels for Pihu.

Pihu hears their conversations and gets heartbroken knowing Raghav doesn’t like her but someone else. During mehendi, Raghav seea Josh’s phone and is shocked to see Marisha’s text about her pregnancy truth. Raghav thinks to reveal this truth to Prachi but gets confused how to do it.

Raghav approaches Marisha to tell the truth. Marisha agrees for the sake of her child but when Raghav reveals about it, Lakhan slaps him and exposes his love for Prachi and how he decieved him. Josh reveals to all that Raghav used to write poems for Prachi.

Prachi questions Raghav having full faith on their friendship but Raghav stays silent. Marisha also turns the table by saying how it’s Raghav’s child and he only asked me to put the blame on Josh so that he will marry me. Raghav is handed over to the police and his family is also arrested.

Prachi is in a state of shock and she requests not to harm Raghav and his family. Josh and Sid smirk seeing their plan succeed. Pihu and Angad try to defend Raghav but they fail. Raghav and his family get beaten up by goons after getting released from the jail.

Later, Pihu brings Raghav and tries to defend but when LK doesn’t agree. Pihu and Angad leave with Raghav giving LK a heart attack.

Prachi feels lonely seeing everyone left her. Josh supports her. 3 years leap is taken by the show, showing Prachi writing her diary about her missing Pihu.

In the upcoming episodes, Prachi will meet Raghav who will be changed and cold hearted. Prachi will remember how he cheated their friendship.

Will Raghav be able to save Prachi’s life?

How will Angad’s love story finally turn out?

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