Bade Achche Lagte Hain, Upcoming Story: Ram and Priya to have a silent fight?


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram and Priya doing the Shiv puja and Vedika cancelling her Manali trip. Vedika tries every best possible way to keep them away. With Vedika and Nandini again planning against the couple, it will be interesting to watch how will the couple sustain this?

In the on going track, Priya shares her childhood stories which makes Ram feel closer to Priya. On being asked, Priya says Vedika should be given some counselling help. Ram asks Vedika to go from kapoor mansion to get some professional help. Akki makes Shivi ask for the other bangle. Priya scolds Akki while Ram supports Akki. Ram and Priya discuss about if Akki is right or not. Priya thinks to wear something special for the puja.

Vedika and Nandini plan to send Ram away during the puja to create problems and issues between Ram and Priya. Sara and Brinda make Priya think if she really feels for Ram. Ram thinks of a way to not let Nandini go anywhere while Nandini and Vedika are happy for their plan to work. Ram sends Akki and Shivi for Vedika’s help while he does the puja with Priya. Later, Akki apologies to Priya so she forgives him. Ram worries about his gift for Priya not reaching so he asks Vikrant and Adi to arrange it fast.

Vedika sees a good opportunity so she messages Ram pretending as a girl who is cheating with Ram on Priya. Priya sees the messages and tries to ignore but the messages are very provoking so Priya starts to doubt everything. Brinda comes to give Priya her gift but Priya decides not to wear it. When Priya comes downstairs,an excited Ram gets sad and confused to see Priya wear her regular clothes and not his gift.

During their interview, Priya makes her answers too robotic and blunt which makes Ram go into deep thinking on what thing is Priya upset about. Nandini makes Vedika and Mami search the whole room of Akki for the bangle and finally they get it.

In the upcoming episodes, Vedika and Nandini will accuse Akki for stealing while Priya will defend him

Will allegation on Akki increase issues for Ram and Priya? Will Vedika be successful in her mission?

Will Priya put forward her doubts infront of Ram?

How will Ram and Priya patch up?

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