Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Ram chooses Priya over Vedika!


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram following his instict and trust Priya. Whereas Vedika is thinking she is successful in creating a drift between Ram and Priya, but Ram will flop her plans. It will be interesting to watch how will Vedika take this loss this time?

In the on going track, Ram imagines to dance with Priya but later comes back to reality that he danced with Vedika. Ram sees a video that Vedika played on big screen and it turns to be Ram proposing Vedika. Vedika wants Priya to see it but before she could, Kunal takes the wire of the video out. Priya goes out as she feels dizzy and hurt. Adi convinces Ram to go to Priya but again Ram comes back angry. Sara shows Ram the cake how Priya went to the same shop whose cake he loves and took the recepie and made it herself. Ram feels he did wrong doubting Priya and thinks to call her.

While, Vedika gets anxious and asks Ram to cut the cake. Ram says he will cut the cake when Priya comes. Here, Priya gets a text from Anjali that she has reached, Priya somehow goes to the farm house to meet Anjali but is unable to walk as she feels dizzy. Neeraj takes Priya home from there. Sara makes Ram realise how much Priya wanted to make his birthday special, knowing which Ram leaves home to Priya leaving an upset Vedika behind.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram will go to Priya and will apologies to her. Ram will ask Priya to trust him. Priya will ask Ram if he fell in love with her? Ram will remind Priya of her coupons where there was one that she will get wet in the rain with Ram. Ram and Priya get wet in the Rain, Vedika spots them and gets angry. Later, Akki will be blamed by Shubham to have cheated on Shivi. Shivi will cry and be shocked. Akki will try to slap Shubham but Ram will stop Akki.

Ram will warn Neeraj? Will Priya and Ram confess their feelings?

Will Akki and Shivi’s matter bring drift between Ram and Priya?

Priya will know the truth about Vedika and Ram? Will Ram and Priya patch up?