Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Ram to get jealous of Krish!


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A shocking twist in Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain. Nandini is all set to succeed in her plans in making Priya look like a villain in Pihu’s eyes. Viewers are hoping for Nandini to fail this time as well.

Earlier, we saw Ram getting shocked to know Ishan was the one who pushed Shivi. Ram was seen planning to reunite with Priya. With this, Nandini is surely seeing some defeat To increase trouble for Priya, Nandini will be seen putting her emotional blackmailing game up. Nandini will definitely try to throw more challenges on Priya.

In today’s episode, Ram meets Pihu and finds her very cute. Ram seeks help from Pihu to convince Lovely. They succesfully convince Priya to return as PA. Ram and Priya share a moment of eye lock. Ram gets some flashes from past of Priya.

Later, they are working when Priya sees their wedding picture and worries that Ram might see it. Priya pretends to get hurt but that gives Ram a hurting pain in head as he gets more flashes. Ram faints worrying Priya and Pihu. Pihu cries and Ram wakes up with a tear drop falling on his hand.

Priya makes him rest at her place only and refrains him from going back home. Ram sees Priya as very bossy but later is happy to learn from Pihu that Priya is like this as she is caring for others.

Nandini and Vedika are on their way to airport when Vedika asks Nandini about Ram’s birth mother to which Nandini doesn’t respond. Vedika gets determined to find about the secret.

Next day, Ram decides to sneak out of the house before Priya could see him but he meets Krish and becomes curious about who he is. Ram takes leave but he can not stop thinking about Krish and Priya.

In the upcoming episodes, Sid will find Vikrant and Adi helping the PA and will find it suspicious. Here, Ram and Priya will see Pihu in a get up of Hanuman.

A mother can always go to all extent to save her kids from trouble, surely this power will help Priya defeat Nandini.

It will also depend on how long Ram takes to trust Priya for a change!

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