Bade Achche Lagte Hain, Upcoming Story: Ram to get liked by Minister’s wife!


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with the show taking the very first leap and with the lead couple Ram and Priya separated due to misconception created by Nandini, Ram and Priya finally meet post the leap. The fans are missing the old Ram and Priya who were deeply in love but this new phase of the couples is sweet and bitter both. How will this leap turn out things for the couple, will be interesting to watch!

In the on going track, Vedika gets to know Ram is stuck with Priya so she will get angry. The lift guy will open the lift and say soon the lift will fall so come fast. Ram asks Priya to go but she says you should go. Nandini comes and gets panicked to see Ram there that too with Priya. So, Ram gets out to comfort Nandini. Ram gets out but in Priya’s time the lift starts going down.

Ram is unable to see Priya in trouble so he pulls Priya up, shocking Nandini and Vedika. Just then the minister comes and praises the coupling of Ram and Priya. Nandini is angry so she announces Vedika as Ram’s fiance. Minister congratulates her while Priya gets shocked. Later, Nandini tries to convince Ram for the proposal of Vedika but Ram doesn’t agree. Here, Priya tells Pihu the story of how her prince charming is always full of surprises.

Pihu demands to meet Prince charming so Priya diverts the topic. Priya thinks how can Priya make Pihu not question about Ram. Pihu then asks Priya to take her to a place she and prince charming enjoyed. Priya decides to take her to temple. Here, Vedika suggests Nandini to make Ram meet Kanika, minister’s wife who has many affairs she likes those who doesn’t like her.

Vedika says then the minister will cancel the deal and then Vedika can step in. Here, Vikrant, Adi and Brinda notice Ram wearing his wedding ring and think if Priya can only make Ram become like the old one. Priya and Pihu go to temple where they see Meera.

Pihu calls her Meera Maa which reminds Priya of Ram. Here, Minister and Kanika meet Ram and his family. Kanika signals Vedika that she likes Ram. Later, Priya and Ram together ring the temple bell while everyone get shocked.

In the upcoming episodes, Nandini will act to faint so Ram wills rush to get medicines. Minister will stop Ram as the time is for puja, but Ram will go saying Nandini is the most important person for her.

How will Ram react to Pihu being his daughter? Will Priya and Ram be united?

Will Nandini’s truth ever come out?

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