Bade Achche Lagte Hain, Upcoming Story: Will Priya be able to bring Pihu and Ram close?


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with the show showing the lead couple Ram and Priya again coming together to pretend like husband and wife for Ram’s project with the minister, the fans are excited and expect the old Ram and Priya who were deeply in love.

With this new phase of the couples, we will see some old moments to get relived by the couple. How will this new track turn things around for the couple, will be interesting to watch!

In the on going track, Sara and Vikrant think to convince Priya to stay here for few days with Pihu just to save the deal. Priya wakes up and tries to make Pihu agree to stay with Ram to help him. Pihu is reluctant but agrees for Priya’s sake. Ram listens to all this and thinks highly of Priya. Nandini pacifies a angry Vedika.

Later, Nandini take Priya to her room and threatens her that if she makes Pihu get close to Ram then she will tell Pihu about her two years in jail and shows her newspaper articles. Ram tries to bond with Pihu so that she can help him in the interview but Pihu gets upset instead.

Priya tries telling Ram to give some time and space to Pihu as she is a kid. Later, Pihu and Priya go to the amusement park but it is closed due to rain. Ram hears how Priya and Pihu are out in such heavy rain so he goes to bring them. Pihu denies to take his help.

Ram somehow manages to convince Pihu and as soon as the rain stops Ram decides to take Pihu. Priya adores the moment but remembering Nandini’s words she avoids getting Ram involved with Pihu. Here, Vikrant informs everyone that they will all go to Meerut to his hometown.

Later, Sara will take Sandy aside and ask her not to let others take credit of her work like Shubham is doing. Sandy says how Ram never terminated her she being Priya’s sister, so she can do this. Here, Ram arranges the amusement park at a indoor location. This excites Pihu and Priya makes Pihu get friends with Ram.

Priya gets a call from Sara to ask her to come to the wedding with Pihu in Meerut. Priya agrees and asks them to make Pallavi their caterer and tells the story when Pallavi fed a hungry Pihu when she had no money. Vikrant agrees. Brinda asks Priya about Ram and asks Priya to stop the ride as Ram has motion sickness.

Ram is with Pihu and Pihu asks questions to Ram while he feels dizzy. Priya comes and stops the ride when Pihu feels Ram is acting so she makes fun of him. Priya scolds Pihu for making fun of Ram. Pihu finds handcuffs and blindfolds in Ram’s pocket so she assumes Ram will kidnap them.

Pihu ties up Ram. Priya sees it and gets shocked seeing those. Ram tries to explain but Priya stops. Priya says how she trusts him as he is her prince charming. This shocks Pihu and Ram.

In the upcoming episodes, Priya will say she wants to dance so Pihu will give Ram a task of finding Priya’s favourite song. Ram will find it and they will dance.

How will Ram react to Pihu being his daughter?

Will Priya and Ram be united?

Will Nandini’s truth ever come out?

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