Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th March 2023 Written Update: Lakhan’s life gets in danger due to Raghav!


Episode begins with Prachi asking Raghav to say something. Josh says his silence is saying it all. Josh pushes Raghav. Prachi says why are you doing this Josh, I already have feelings for you then why this? Mama ji calls police and they take Raghav away. Prachi cries. Mama ji ask the police outside that arrest all his family members as well. Mami says what if LK gets to know about it? Mama ji says now he will be busy in the wedding and by the time he knows he will be happy as Raghav eyed Prachi wrongly. They smirk.

Here, Pihu says this is wrong, Raghav always did what you asked him to. Sid says Prachi is innocent and Raghav used it, don’t know how much he must have used this privilege. Josh and Sid smirk. Prachi says please don’t harm him or his family, I will never meet him. Josh says everything will happen as you say. Prachi cries and Pihu looks worried.

Raghav is brought to the police station and he sees his family there. Raghav requests them to leave his family as they are innocent. Police gets a call and he releases them all. They 3 go out and gets beaten up by goons and a female who beats Raghav’s mom. They scream in pain and try to fight but are unable to. They cry for help but the goons don’t stop. All 3 of them fall in pain and get injuries.

Next day, mandap is set up and everyone is doing shaadi preparations when Pihu brings an injured Raghav. LK says how dare he came here? Pihu says I forced hom to. LK says and he came here. Pihu says Raghav should get a chance, you need to listen. Pihu says it’s not wrong to have feelings and feelings can’t be controlled, how can you doubt Raghav’s character by that? He did so much and he did so much idolizing you. Pihu says he is facing this just because he is poor? LK says he had wrong intentions for your sister.

Pihu says no he didn’t, he just liked her. Raghav says Prachi. LK stops him and pushes him. Raghav goes from there. Pihu says you are doing wrong. Monika says LK has always considered you as his own daughter, how can you go against your family for this guy. Pihu says just stop it, I will show you all how much Raghav is worthy of, I am going with him and we will prove it to all. LK says you just want to revolt right so go, I don’t care. Prachi says di don’t go. Pihu asks everyone to take care of Prachi. Pihu goes. Prachi cries.

Adi and Brinda get a text and they tell LK that Angad also left so please call the kids back. LK says it’s just heat of the moment soon they will understand and return. LK feels pain in chest and everyone worries. Sid and his family also come. Here, Angad also joins Pihu and Raghav and says I am here for friendship, we have always done everything together so why not now, I have told my parents as well. Tjey 3 drive off when Raghav feels clueless so Pihu says life will always make them fall but they need to get up, don’t think of past think of how much your family is injured and focus on future.

Raghav says I will never return here and never look back at things. Doctor asks them to give LK some rest. Prachi asks LK if he is alright. LK says yes. Mama ji asks about wedding. Monika says there will be no celebrations till the time LK doesn’t recover. Sid and Josh agree. They all leave. Sid says to Josh that everything got ruined, Josh says it’s just the matter of time then we will have everything as all the hurdles have gone now. Josh comes to a crying Prachi. Prachi says everyone leaves me, Pihu my lifeline also left and didn’t think about me. Josh consoles her.

Prachi makes Josh promise to never leave her. Josh promises. Prachi says I love you Josh, I lost everyone today. Josh says you have me forever. They hug and Josh thinks now Prachi will be solely dependent on me. A leap of 3 years happen, Prachi is shown enjoying rain and writing her diary about how 3 years have past she has seen Pihu and how she is unable to understand how Pihu supported Raghav who cheated as loving someone is not wrong but loving someone and giving it name of friendship to hide that love is cheating, I will never forgive him.

Episode ends.

Precap – after 3 years Raghav and Prachi have an ugly face off where Raghav is a businessman.