Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th August 2022 Written Update: Priya finds proof against Nandini!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram saying let me bring the medicines. Nandini says you sit I will bring it. Nandini aska Pihu to keep Ram here. Ram says you eat the medicine infront of me. Priya thinks now I will know the difference between the real and fake medicines. Pihu asks Ram what is the plan? Priya says today is office. Pihu says then in evening? Priya says we have party in the evening. Ram says okay bachelorette, we are also having it. Pihu says so only boys? You are calling Krish? He is fun. Ram says yes. Nandini comes and eats the medicines. Priya sees the medicine box. Ram says now Pihu you also eat the food.

Later, Krish tells Priya that both you and Ishan are being messaged by the same person. Priya says no as both messages have different spellings of Ishan. Krish says right, but it can’t be Shubham as he has no profit. Priya says Shubham also uses Ram so I feel he and Nandini are the one. Just then Ram comes so Priya asks Krish not to tell him about them talking and not to fight with him. Krish says okay. He ends the call.

Ram says I want to talk to you about something. Krish says how you are partying with Pihu. Ram says thanks for letting Priya and Pihu help me. Krish says she didn’t take any permission from me. Ram thinks that is typical Priya. Ram says I had given Priya 5% from Shubham’s business so I have withdrawn that and I will give Priya the money, she deserves this and it’s not for what she did for me. Krish says does Priya know? Ram says I will after the interview. Ram goes.

Here, Priya hears that Nandini is going to doctor so Priya thinks to find the fake medicines from Nandini’s room. Priya finds it and thinks to bring this infront of all. Sara comes and asks Priya why is she tensed? Priya says nothing. Sara says I am here to take you and Pihu for the party. Priya says so early? Sara says you can spend sometime with me na? Priya says yes. Priya thinks after the party tomorrow she will reveal Nandini’s truth infront of all and won’t let Ishan be in danger.

Here, Vikrant is upset to know Ram invited Krish. Ram says I did only because of Pihu. Vikrant says we decided that the night will be fun. Ram says relax don’t take tension of Krish. Brinda says enjoy your party. Adi says I will also go to Sara’s party. Ram says their party will be only dance and gossips and no fun. Ram convinces Vikrant to be cheerful.

Here, Nandini asks Vedika to play confessed recording of Ishan before the interview but Vedika says I have a better plan I will reveal it in the mandap. Nandini says but then Ram? Vedika says I have talked to Kanika she will call me and Ram for the deal signing so when the recording plays police will come and say Ram has ordered them to arrest Ishan and no one can do anything. Nandini says perfect idea.

Here, Ram, Adi find their dress missing. Krish comes with wine and congratulates Vikrant. Vikrant asks him to enjoy and chill. Krish thinks I am here just because of Pihu. Ram comes to Krish. Krish says I will be leaving early as I have some meeting. Ram says sure no issues. Here, the girls are getting ready like the guys. Sandy says Pihu’s idea is good but I won’t be Shubham. Sara jokes on how Shubham always steals her ideas so today she can steal his identity. They all laugh and get ready.

Episode ends.

Precap – The girls enjoy the party and dance. Later, Priya accuses Nandini for intentionally planning to make Maitri fall by applying oil on stairs just like Shivina. Nandini is shocked. Ram asks Priya to stop.

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