Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th March 2023 Written Update: Lakhan faces a huge loss in business!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Prachi seeing Josh and herself and thinks it’s all because of him she is able to survive through everything, he handled the business and her as well. Lakhan comes and they both go on drive. Prachi thinks Lakhan has changed so much, he smiles and lives life fully, we go on drive and work together, I have learnt so much working with him. Monika calls Lakhan and asks him about what is Prachi going to wear. Prachi says mom you can decide for me as your choice is the best. Monika says okay sweetheart. Prachi thinks in these three years I also got my mom, our bond got so much stronger, I am so happy. They reach office.

Prachi thinks how their business is not going well but I am sure this phase will pass by. Monika asks Prachi to bring Josh and Lakhan on time. Prachi says okay. Prachi goes inside the conference room and adores Josh. Prachi thinks I love Josh so much. Prachi gives him coffee but he doesn’t seem to give much attention to her. Josh is very confident about the project and says I will win this project as I am the architect and I am confident about this. Vikrant says don’t be over confident. Josh says I am not, I am just sure about it. Josh goes to see some work. Prachi goes out. Vikrant asks Lakhan to ask Josh when he will marry Prachi as he doesn’t seem to focus much on their relationship.

Lakhan says I am sure it will happen soon and after today I will discuss with him. Lakhan says I realised my feelings for Monika and the sacrifice she did for me at Prachi’s engagement and ever since we have come close. Vikrant says I am happy for you, hopefully soon business also will get on track. Prachi is outside and talks to Josh about dinner when Josh says I have to focus on this meeting. Prachi is sad. Lakhan comes and sees a sad Prachi. Prachi says I am not sad, I am just given the duty to take you and Josh for dinner on time without a grumpy face. Lakhan says okay.

Before the meeting, Josh is talking to a girl who is architect for another company. Josh flirts with the girl when she says flirting doesn’t suit an engaged man. Josh says I am just engaged not married, anything can happen to call off the wedding. The girl is shocked. They all leave for the winner announcement for the project. The client announces that they are giving the project to a new company ARP as their design is the best and eco friendly, they also have used the budget wisely. Josh is angry and asks how can you give a new company and what about builders? Client says as ARP is our architect then they will decide which builder to use. Josh asks his assistant to find more about this company. The girl says I told you not to be over confident about the deal.

Prachi thinks I have so many people in my life and the relations have become better and stronger still I don’t feel complete, I feel the emptiness. At night, Prachi, Monika and Lakhan are in a restaurant where they eat sushi and play jenga. Monika asks Lakhan to get serious about the business as it’s in loss. Lakhan says what if my business goes into loss and I have no money, will you leave me? Monika says let me think. Monika says I want to order wine. Lakhan says no, you have to drive last time I drove and you drank so this time my chance. Monika says okay. Prachi says you guys are so cute. Prachi calls Josh and asks him about his location. Josh says I have important things to do so don’t disturb. Lakhan and Monika notice Prachi upset so they ask. Prachi says nothing, he is coming. Josh comes to them and the jenga falls. Prachi says look I got sushi for you without soy. Josh says I can’t always think about all this, we didn’t get the deal, I was the head architect and I was so sure about it.

Lakhan says chill, it happens who got it? Josh says some new ARP company who has zero digital presence no website and all. Lakhan says it’s part of life we get few deals and few we don’t before this I was the architect so I know. Josh says so are you saying it’s because of me being the architect we didn’t get it? Lakhan says no. Josh orders food. Lakhan and Monika talk to Josh to finalise the date for the wedding now as they all are together. Josh says my career is not set and I am not in that mindset right now. Prachi gets sad. On their way back, Prachi tells Josh to finalise the date as we all are waiting for you. Josh says I am tired of this thinking about the date, marriage is not important right now. Prachi feels bad. Monika and Lakhan discuss how Josh is avoiding the topic and lying while Prachi is madly in love. Lakhan says I will break the marriage. Monika says it’s not that easy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Josh is tensed thinking about business when Prachi tries to motivate him. Josh says I am tired of these talks.