Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th March 2022 Written Update: Vedika thinks to trap Akki!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shivi surprising Vedika on airport. Shivi says I am excited, we came as Nandini is ill. Akki says maybe Vedika didn’t like the surprise. Shivi says no no. Akki asks Shivi to arrange the luggage. While Akki narrates the story. Flashback is shown where Ram asks Akki for help and says I will arrange the bangle but right now I need your help, Nandini was going to go wih Vedika to Manali but due to her health I can’t let her go and I have to be in puja with Priya, so van you go with Vedika? Akki gets happy and says yes I can do anything for you and Priya. Akki says sorry to Ram for behaving rashly back then. Ram says it’s okay, they hug. Flashback ends. Akki smirks at Vedika while she is irritated.

Here, Ram wonders where is Sandy. Sandy comes with sherwani. Ram goes inside. Brinda says where were you? Ram says I went to get ready in this new special sherwani. They both are taken for puja. The puja begins while Akki shows Vedika the video of Priya and Ram doing puja. Akki asks Vedika to stay away from breaking the couple as they are blessed by god. Vedika says just because you did one thing so you think this fake marriage can be saved?

Here, Ram and Priya sit in the mandap while Ram feels hot. Priya asks Ram where he was? Ram says mom was not well so I sent Akki and Shivi with Vedika to Manali. Priya asks Kunal to make the fan in Ram’s direction as he is feeling hot. Ram feels happy to see Priya care for her. Mami sees them do the puja and feels upset and thinks I need to tell Nandini, we wanted to ruin this relationship but it’s getting stronger.

Here, Vedika says Ram is just doing charity and thinking about his sister’s husband’s family and doesn’t consider Priya his wife. Akki gets angry and warns Vedika to stay away from Priya or else no one will be worse than him. Vedika records this reaction of Akki. Here, pandit ji asks Ram and Priya to do revise their marriage promises and fill the sindoor. Ram takes Priya’s hand and says how he is blessed to have her and their relation might not have started like other couples but I want to make this beautiful. Priya gets mesmerised while everyone adores them. Ram fills sindoor in her forehead. Then they take blessings from everyone and feed sweets to each other. The media is covering all this and now they go to the media. Brinda tells Adi that she is happy. Sara and Sandy also talk about the sherwani idea being the best. Ram and Priya’s pictures are being clicked while their hands touch each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika finds the bangle from Akki’s luggage. Priya defends Akki. Ram also defends Akki.

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