Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th March 2023 Written Update: Raghav jeapordise his work for Prachi!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kiara giving a toast for Raghav how he has become more handsome and his business will boom too. Angad whispers to Pihu how Kiara is overacting. Josh sees Prachi is upset so he takes Prachi aside to talk. Josh says Samaira wants to join our company but as we are not hiring her she is doing all this, you still don’t believe me right? I love Prachi really. Josh starts drinking as to convince Prachi. Josh says I am doing all this for us, I want to marry you and take you to foreign on our honeymoon but on my money so that is why I am struggling for business.

Josh says Samaira was saying how ARP needs funding so I wanted to do partnership with him. Josh says he will never agree to me but he will agree to you, sorry leave it I am asking too much actually due to all this it gives me tension and anxiety I feel what will happen to our families if our company goes bankrupt. Prachi says I don’t care about money, I care about my love that is you. They hug. Raghav looks on. Pihu says you must be feeling bad to see them together right? Raghav says I was looking for Angad. Pihu says don’t lie to me. They all leave.

At night, Raghav is working on the design when Angad calls Raghav. Angad says I am tired doing push ups, I can’t handle more of Pihu, I need you come home. Raghav says I have just cracked an important part of design, please not now, give me some time. Raghav cuts the call and resumes his work. Someone knocks on the door. Raghav says Pihu door is open, come in. Again someone knocks so Raghav goes and finds Prachi wet in rain.

Raghav is surprised to see her. Prachi says Raghav, I really love him. Raghav says tell him yes for partnership I am ready. Prachi says thank you so much. Raghav says also tell Josh that he is lucky. Prachi says because you are doing partnership with him? Raghav says no, because you love him. They both have an eye contact and Prachi leaves. Raghav resumes his work. Prachi remembers her moment with Raghav in rain and watches him from the window.

Next day, Pihu, Angad and Raghav are in Lakhan’s office. Josh, Lakhan, Adi and Vikrant also come there. Angad goes through the papers and says papers are okay, good to go. Adi says your dad has made them so obviously it is the best. Angad says it’s my job to do so as the legal head. Adi says you will teach me?! Vikrant and Lakhan stop them, Pihu laughs.

Raghav is about to sign when Lakhan says I need to talk to Raghav alone. They all leave. Lakhan says I am really happy to see your work Raghav. Raghav says it’s all due to you, I have learnt from you. Lakhan says good to know you consider me your mentor, as a mentor I will give you another advice, I know how it is to love someone one sided and to feel stuck when everyone feels you are wrong.

Lakhan says I have been there and it took time for me to get out of it, because of that I made Josh and Prachi engaged just because Avni asked me for this proposal, I don’t want you to do this mistake too, this deal that you are signing might be a regret for you so think before you sign. Raghav says sorry to cut you in middle but I know what I am doing and I have come a long way, now my only priority is my work. Lakhan says good to know. Lakhan signs it and Raghav signs it too.

Here, Adi tells Vikrant I should have adopted a girl they are good. Pihu says Angad loves to be around girls now. Adi says wow, but we like one girl only, hinting Pihu. Vikrant changes the topic saying you kids always give a surprise entry. Pihu says Mr. Kapoor likes it a lot right. Lakhan says yes and I loved the work as well. Raghav comes. Lakhan and friends leave. Pihu says Raghav you get so many requests and we had so many people on the list for partnership then why did you call us here to face the people we hate the most.

Raghav says please don’t start again. Raghav goes. Here, Josh thanks Prachi. Prachi says we did it together. They both have coffee when Josh says let’s do a date night and involve family as well to decide the wedding date. Prachi says really? Josh says yes of course now we have the project. Prachi gets excited. Raghav sees them together. Josh sees them and calls Raghav to join them. Raghav goes to them being hesitant. Josh invites Raghav for dinner with them and also how Kiara will be there too.

Pihu hears this and calls Angad to do something about Kiara and Raghav and Kiara is a big no. Raghav, Pihu and Angad sit for lunch. Angad brings lunch for all and starts the topic to make Raghav confess that he still has feelings for Prachi. Raghav says I did this for our company, what’s better than growing our company by collaborating with a known well established brand, and you think if I loved Prachi I would do all this to make her marry to Josh? Instead of stopping it all.

Here, Prachi asks Josh to ask his parents if they are free. Josh gets a call from a girl who says I am leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow so I am available to meet tonight. Josh says I will talk to you later. Josh excuses himself to send out some mails. Prachi thinks to go and tell Pihu as well. Here, Raghav says Angad you are a good love guru, apply this for yourself as well, you are living with the girl you like for 3 years now. Pihu changes the topic. Raghav says I don’t like Prachi, I just like my career. Pihu and Angad agree.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prachi comes in the cabin and collides with Raghav.

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