Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th February 2022 Written Update: Nandini plans something big!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17h February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya asking Ram why he will be late? Priya realises she is over reacting so she says Shivi and Akki will be coming soon so.. Ram smiles and says after my meeting I will come, clients asked for me so I have to be there. Priya says it’s okay.
Priya thinks what should I say next? Ram asks are you ready for the party? Priya says yes. Ram asks have you tied your hair? I mean you can tie it, but open hair looks better. Priya says okay, bye. Priya thinks about all the time Ram adored her hair when opened. She opens her hair, Sara says why did you open it? Priya says I feel suffocated. Sara says okay.

Everyone comes to Kapoor mansion. Akki asks Sarika not to create any drama today as he is uniting with Shivina after so long. Sarika says they are sorry for their things so why will I have a problem. They go inside.

Here, Adi and Vikrant make Ram understand how weather is not good so he won’t be able to go to Jaipur but Ram gets angry and says I will do, I can do this much for Priya, she went out of limits for the cake I like, I can do this much. He gets anxious.

Vedika thinks to tell Ram she has arranged the Kachori. Akki comes to take water so Vedika hides the packet. Vedika says sorry to Akki that he faced a lot due to her husband. Akki goes. Vedika hides the packet and thinks no one from Sood family should see it.

Akki and Shivi meet each other. Nandini thinks in this whole world Shivi got this man only, now today I will show them who I am. Nandini asks Shubham if doctor is ready? Shubham says yes. Ram learns from Vedika that she arranged the Kachori. Ram thanks her. Ram informs his friends, Vikrant gets happy knowing Ram got the Kachori. Adi asks Ram where you got it? Priya thinks where is Ram I got ready and he is not coming only.

Then, she talks to Akki and Shivi about how she is happy for them. Akki praises Priya and her nature, Shivi also compliments. Vedika tells Nandini what she has planned and how the Kachoris will bring past memories in Priya’s mind. Priya waits for Ram. Everyone starts dancing while Ram and Adi are driving and buy flowers for Priya. Priya imagines Ram dancing with her. Ram comes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini thanks Priya for what she has done and shows Ram’s gift of Kachori for her. Priya is shocked. Later Shivi faints.

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