Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th June 2022 Written Update: Krish and Priya celebrate Sara’s engagement


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th June 2022 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu praying to god for a prince charming for Priya. Priya asks her to wish for the prince charming to a beautiful princess instead, he needs to be happy and feel loved. On the other hand, Ram brainwashing Ishaan. He says one we love, we have to make hard choices for them, they will thank us later for that. Ishaan says but mom will have her decision.

Ram says you can give her a choice. Ishaan asks shall I ask her to choose between me and Vikrant. Priya teaches Pihu to say she is Neeraj’s sister’s daughter. She shows Neeraj’s pic. She says I m your secret, don’t take my name. Priya smiles hearing Pihu. She recalls Ram.

Ram asks Ishaan to do it, it shows their value, it hurts when they know they mean nothing, before trusting someone, its imp to know your place in their life. Ishaan says fine, I will do this, mom has to choose either of me and Vikrant. Ram thinks Priya will never come in my life. Priya thinks I m scared that the story will get the

past in front, I just want to see Ram and Pihu happy. She prays that everything goes fine. Ram, Adi and Kunal see the arrangements. Ram asks Adi to get the most expensive champagne for him. Brinda says we are going to break this relation. Ram says yes, but we have to keep the friendship with Vikrant, we will celebrate when this relation breaks. Adi gets the champagne for Ram. Ram says this is good, I will meet mom and come.

Sara makes Pihu ready. Sandy comes and says I m so tired. Pihu asks her to have juice. Priya asks Sara to get ready. sara says I will miss you. Sandy says don’t get emotional. Sara says you shut up, you don’t know how I feel. Sandy says you guys continue, Pihu and I will get ready and come. Priya says Brinda will be there. Sara says she isn’t like before, after that incident, everything changed.

Brinda asks Adi why is he excited. Adi says I m working hard since morning. Brinda says live in reality. He asks what’s your problem. She says its my concern for Ram. Sara says she is mean. Priya says Brinda loves Ram as her brother, I have hurt him a lot. Sara says you took the blame of the accident, you could have made a new start with Ram, but you chose to punish yourself, so you hid Pihu’s truth from Ram. Priya says it should stay hidden, so I m not coming in your engagement.

Sara says I know I could take you along by making you invisible. Priya says I know Vikrant will keep you happy. Sara says you are right, its imp to be with the right person, I wish Ram understands this. Priya asks her not to cry, all the best. Sara says thanks, I love you. She hugs Priya. nandini says you called Ishaan here. Ram says I can’t break the promise to you, this relation can’t break. Adi comes and says lawyer said you wanted these papers of legal separation. Ram asks what.

Adi says its for Sara and Ishaan, we are crossing the line here. She says Soods crossed the line by snatching my Shivi. Ram says you did this. She says I will do anything. He says I won’t do this and won’t let you do this. She says I m just securing my family. He says its wrong, we can’t separate a child and his mum. She asks and Priya. He says we don’t want her to come back, calm down, relax.

She says Shubham and I got scared for you. He says we can’t get insensitive for anyone, we are not bad people. Nandini says you are always right, sorry. She goes. Adi says Ram, I knew you will do this, so I came here. Ram says its not Ishaan’s mistake, I would have not done this. Adi says if you didn’t see Priya, you hate her so much. Ram says I didn’t get a sleep of peace, I know even my friends are suffering, Vikrant won’t become another Ram. Adi says Vikrant said Priya won’t come in marriage, and not even in today’s function.

Ram thinks why would she come, she is busy with Krish and their child. Priya says some problems comes in front always, how will I save money. She checks Ram’s news, that he is throwing a party for Vikrant’s engagement. Krish comes. She asks are you going in the party. He says yes, I want to meet your ex and taunt him, I m joking, you change and come, we will celebrate Sara’s engagement here. She asks what’s this kiddishness. He says you have just one option, go and change. She says you don’t listen to me. He says fine, you listen to me and I will listen to you.

Maitri gets Pihu to the party. Pihu says everyone is dressed as that uncle. Vikrant greets Meera and Sara. Meera sees Pihu. She goes to her. She recalls Priya and cries. Pihu says we should say sorry if anyone is sad, what mistake did I do. Meera says nothing.

Maitri says she is Neeraj’s sister’s daughter. Pihu asks what shall I call you. Meera says my name is Meera, you can call me… Pihu says Meera Maa. Meera recalls Ram. She cries and says her eyes are just like Ram, even her talks are like him, Lord doesn’t do anything without a reason, Pihu and Ram met, its destiny. She prays for a miracle that Pihu meets her dad.

Vedika says Ram has sent these papers for you. Ishaan says that I break my relation with mom. Ram imagines dancing with Priya. Ishaan confronts Sara and asks her to choose between Vikrant and him. Ram looks on.

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