Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th January 2022 Written Update: Ram announces Priya and his children as his sole heir for Kapoor Empire.


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th January 2022 Written Update On

The episodes starts with Nandhini emotionally apologizes to Ram for hiding it for long. Ram asks what’s less in his love that everyone leave him without caring about him. He says that he has two mothers but both love money more than him and asks what mistake did he do. Priya says that there is nothing wrong with him or his love and says that it’s them who are wrong in valuing money over his pure heart. She calls them greedy to ditch him for money. Pihu also says the same and Ram agrees with them. He says that it’s not necessary for those to love him back whom he loves. He says the he has Priya, Pihu and others who could shower him with love. He announces in front of everyone that if anything happens to him then Priya becomes the sole emperor of Kapoor Empire and says Pihu and his upcoming child are the sole heirs of it.

Ram and Priya are inside and Priya is consoling heartbroken Ram. Nandhini comes there and apologizes him for not saying the truth to him before. She says that if she had knew about Priya bringing Swati then she herself would have told the truth before it’s too late. She shows hima letter that she claims to be written by Swati to Virendra. Before leaving Nandhiniswears herself to nt let Swati unite with Ram at any cost. Sara asks Avni if their family know the truth but Avni says both she and her family have no clue about it. However she assures that Swati and Lakhan are not money minded as everyone says and leaves. Ram reads the letter with Priya which states that Swati leaves the family unable to pretend to be good wide and mother and Ram gets heartbroken.

Lakhan refuses to beleve whatever reason Swati to say the real reason as he don’t trust whatever she said before. Swati says that it’s the dark truth of her life and she don’t want to talk about it. She leaves crying. Avni’s father speaks with Lakhan saying that he has something to discuss with him. Lakhana asks what more is there to discuss and Avni’s father says that he too thought the same but everything changed now. He says he’s Ram’s real brother and when he could do so much for his tep brother think about what he could do for him. He asks him to think about it. Lakhan wonders if he needs to patch up with Ram for his love who doesn’t have ounce of respect for him. Ram recalls how Priya never wished for his property and only wanted his love. Priya and Pihu lift Ram’s mood with their antics. The others also comes there and they also join the fun. Ram involves in the game forgetting his pain. Pihu asks if he isn’t sad anymore. Ram promises to always be happy around them.

Precap : Ptriya will be searching for Ram when Nandhini will threaten Swati over the phone. She will see Priya there and will immediately hide.

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