Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th November 2022 Written Update: Nandhini fears Ram’s memory would come back.


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ram keep thinking about Lovely and feels calm whenever he feels her presence. He replies and goes back to sleep. He again gets flashes of past. Ram wakes up startled and wonder who it is. Next day, Priya have fun as she searches for her spectacles. Sara feels bad for hiding about her lovely drama from Vikrant. Priya asks her not to feel bad. She finds her mother making lots of food as she picks food for Ram too. Priya reminds her that he don’t remember anything and her mother says that they can atleast give the things which he likes so that it can help him recall his memory. Priya assures to take lunch for Ram and Pihu thinks that she too must help Ram recall his memory.

Ram recalls Lovely and smiles. Nandhini comes there and says that Vedhika is coming there after meeting Sashi. She asks him to help her come out of her stress. Vedhika also comes there at the same time and hears Ram saying that he don’t want to make use the situation. He asks whether he forgot something important as he keep getting flashes but couldn’t understand. Nandhini gets scared when Ram says that he feels upset over something. Vedhika comes there and Ram greets her. He asks her to spend time with Nandhini as she is upset and leaves. Nandhini says Vedhika that the day is not far when Priya’s love again wins over them. She says that they should stop before it happens and the only way for It to happen is to remove Ram’s current pa and hire someone from their side.

Priya and ram bump in left and Priya volunrtarily picks fight with Ram. Ram is scared to initiate a conversation with Priya. Pihu and krish are shopping flowers for Ram when Vedhika comes there. She asks how would Priya send the flowers to Ram and warns them to not planning against them. Priya gives Ram’s schedule to him and finds him eating junk food. She finds his schedule also loaded with food meetings and mocks him. Ram hears her and they can have a cute fight. Priya suggests to have the healthy upma by her mother but Ram immediately turns down the offer while Priya leaves upset. Vedhika ask Krish to make use of the situation to get close to Priya so that she will also stay away from Ram. She says that they both can get love. Krish asks her to not compare his love with hers as she never loved Ram while he wants Priya’s happiness. Priya shows attitude to Shunham surprising Adi. Shubh comes in but Ram finds Priya’s tiffin tempting and gets it from her. Vedhika comes there.

Precap : Ram will get angry seeing Sid in his cabin and Shubham will say that it’s his pa who let him in. Nandhini will call Lovely useless for the job and will terminate her. Priya will say that she can’t terminate her as she was hired by Ram

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