Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th August 2022 Written Update: Priya and Pihu decide to celebrate Janamashtmi in the Kapoor mansion!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Minister saying you should take the injection. Priya says you will miss the haldi but atleast you can attend the interview. Ram says yes mom. Nandini says no. Vedika says we shouldn’t force her. Priya says Vedika you shouldn’t interfere in family matter, go downstairs and enjoy. Ram says Priya is saying rightly. Minister says yes they are right, let’s go down Vedika. Doctor says you are afraid of injections? Nandini says I don’t need this. Priya says I don’t want you to suffer due to my mistake. Nandini says I forgive you. Priya says that your heart is big, but I can’t see you suffer, or else Ram will blame me. Ram says Priya is right, please take it for my sake. Doctor prepares the injection. Nandini panics. Shubham looks worried. Doctor gives her the injection. Doctor says in so many years she has not taken the injection but you made it possible. Doctor leaves. Nandini goes to sleep. Priya thinks now I will make sure your secret gets out. Priya tells Ram that Pihu and I will leave after Janamashtmi only. Ram smiles.

Here, Brinda gives DNA samples to a man and says I need this on urgent matter, I will pay extra. The man agrees and goes. Pihu comes and tells Brinda how Priya said yes to celebrate Janamashtmi here. Everyone makes Sara ready. Sara gets emotional and says I never thought I could move on. Meera says I am so proud of my daughters everyone doing so well, I have one regret how my one mistake ruined Priya’s life, I always pray for god to make you stay here. Pihu comes and says I also want flowers in my head. Priya says it’s here, Meera Ma will put it on your hair. Priya says after every adventure I give you a surprise. Pihu says yes and this adventure was so amazing. Priya says these are your Maasi’s and Meera Ma is your Nani. Everyone gets emotional. Pihu says I feel better to call you Meera Ma. Meera says I also like it. They get emotional. Vedika and Kanika come and say is Sara ready? Maitri says yes it will. Kanika says you are doing a good drama, and acting like husband wife to convince us. Sandy tries to defend when Ram comes to talk to Priya

Pihu shows Ram her gajra and he compliments her. Ram is about to leave when Sandy and Sara taunt and make fun of Ram and Priya. Sandy asks Ram to put gajra too. They go out. Ram puts gajra on her hair. Ram says how did you change your mind? You said you will leave. Priya says someone asked me not to and forced so I stopped. Ram says who dared to stop you? They have eye contacts and share a moment. Priya thanks Ram for the gajra. Ram says I liked your decision of staying back. Priya says I want to conclude this on a good note. Ram says I am cool, you always start fights. Priya says I am not. Ram says I am not finished. Priya says okay tell me. Ram says you always start the fight. They start their cute fight and Priya leaves. Priya thinks where is Sara’s sandle? Krish comes to meet Priya when Priya informs him that they don’t need to fear for today. Kanika comes so they stop. Kanika goes and Priya tells Krish about fake medicines being taken by Nandini. He says you wanted to tell this to me. She says yes, doctor gave a sleep medicine to Nandini, I will get time to bring out her truth. He says Ram doesn’t deserve this, it’s a bad thing happening with him. Ram and Pihu talk. Adi comes and shows Sara’s sandals. She goes. Ram says I don’t want Pihu to go from here, Priya won’t allow but…

Priya says I have to tell Ram that I wasn’t saying wrong. Krish says think about Pihu. She says she knows Pihu is my weakness, she just wants to take revenge and break me down. He says I have to tell you something. Sandy gets Vikrant’s shoes and says I have stolen this. Sandy goes. Krish thinks to handle this himself. Adi says Priya will never agree, Pihu is Krish’s daughter, he doesn’t like you. Ram says when I asked Priya’s help, I didn’t think we will talk about Pihu this way. Kanika says you are here, your wife is with someone else, your reuniting plan has flopped, she was with that man. She shows Krish. She says they were talking secret things. Adi says Krish is a close family friend. She taunts and goes. Ram says you were right, I should focus on my real family, I will see mom and come. Priya asks Pihu to tell her about the shoes, Ram is her friend now. Pihu says I won’t cheat. Vedika and Shubham see Nandini. Vedika says you have to help me in executing this plan. He says no, Priya is leaving after Janmashtami, Ram booked the tickets, everything is set, don’t ruin it, I can’t support you in this madness, just wait for mom to wake up. Priya and Pihu come. Vedika says I need to talk to you. Priya sends Pihu.

She asks what are you doing here, Nandini is sleeping. Shubham says we are here because of you. Vedika says you think you won. Priya says this injection is necessary for her, its not a game, everything is dependent on this, I am staying on my word, if you don’t, then… Shubham says we will need two mins in bringing your truth in front of Pihu. Priya says I will not think again before doing this for Ishaan, if you try to harm Pihu then I won’t let this deal happen, I will ruin you all. Ram hears this and claps.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya fight. Ram says Shivi died because of you. Priya says it was a mistake. Pihu hears this and gets shocked.

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