Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th July 2022 Written Update: Shubham doubts on Ishan knowing Priya’s secret!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sara telling Priya about their wedding in Meerut. Sara asks Priya and Pihu to be there. Vikrant also requests. Then,  Priya says yes and says I have a person for catering. Priya starts telling Sara a story which is heard by all including Brinda and Adi. Priya says how once she and Pihu had to halt in Meerut and Priya didn’t have money. Pihu was hungry for the whole day she kept a wet cloth and then when she got very hungry she arrived at Ama’s kitchen.

 Pallavi gave her food and understood as she was in a time like this. Brinda feels bad. Priya says that is why i thought to give catering to Pallavi it will help her. Vikrant says it’s done. Priya says what about Ram? Sandy says it is a good PR as it will show good image of Ram. Vikrant says I will take out her number from my relatives you don’t worry.

Brinda asks about Ram, so Priya says Ram and Pihu are on marigold round. Brinda worries and informs Priya that Ram has motion sickness. Priya worries and goes. Here, Ram is feeling dizzy when Pihu is asking him questions on his hobbies. Ram remembers his moments with Priya with similar moments. Pihu says whom do you love the most? Ram says no one and again remembers Priya.

Pihu says I don’t understand. He says let me go, I m not feeling well. She says no, ask me something. He asks who do you love the most. She says my mumma. He says you are tolerating me for her sake, can you stop this ride, I m not feeling well. He calls out Priya. Priya comes and stops the ride. Pihu says no. Priya says we have more options. Pihu says I have ten questions more, ten rounds.

 Priya says let him rest for some time. Pihu says okay go, don’t tell me that I m not helping you. Priya says he gets unwell on a ride. Pihu says he is a coward. She laughs. He says I have to get down, I m not feeling well. She says no. Priya asks her to behave. Ram goes.

Priya says you were making fun of him, he is feeling sick, go and help him, he sat on the ride for your sake. Pihu asks what shall I do. Priya says take ice to him. Shubham says give the contract to some famous caterer. Ishaan says Pallavi helped Priya. Shubham calls Priya a murderer when Ishan feels bad and argues with Shubham. He goes. Shubham thinks why is he behaving so weird, like he knows something about Priya’s jail stay.

Vikrant says I have decided to give the contract to Pallavi. Sandy says we got the contact, the reviews are good, Ram will hire Pallavi. Shubham says great, we will call her. Sara thinks Sandy is smart. Vikrant calls Pallavi. He says I am going to marry Sara, we are going to keep a function in Meerut, can you take our catering work. Pallavi asks how many people will come.

Adi says Ram Kapoor is organizing it. Sara says my sister Priya visited Meerut with her daughter, you fed her food for free, she had no money. Pallavi says Priya had a lovely kid, Pihu, she is brave, I was surprised hearing about their adventure trips. She takes the order. She says I won’t miss the chance to meet Priya and Pihu.

Ram says this girl will send me to the hospital. Pihu comes. She gives ice and says Priya has given this. He asks her to get the medicine. She goes to open the drawer. She sees a handcuff and thinks he is a bad uncle. She sees the knife. Ram takes the pill box. He goes. Pihu thinks to safe Priya. Ram asks for water. Priya gives him water. She says you didn’t need to do this. He says I wanted to make Pihu realize that I m not that bad. Pihu comes and says I have got a chocolate for Ram.

Priya says Ram got cupcakes for you. Ram takes the chocolate. Priya says he is so nice, he remembers what you like, he likes you. She goes to get the cupcake. Ram thinks what is going on in her mind, its impossible to understand them. Pihu thinks he wants to kidnap us. Priya gets the cupcakes. Pihu says sorry, will you befriend me, you are sweet. Ram says its okay, thanks. She says we will play another game. She fools him. He thinks my charm worked on her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu ties up Ram while Priya tries to give reasons to Pihu to release Ram. Pihu asks Priya why she trusts Ram so Priya says he is her prince charming.

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