Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st August 2022 Written Update: Ram becomes Priya’s prince charming!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meera saying to Krish that you won’t be able to go to Dombivli. Krish says it’s sounds very challenging. Meera says I know but Priya said my prince will definitely bring it. Here, Ram sweats and asks the direction. The man tries to explain the direction but Ram sees the narrow road so he panics. Ram says I am already panicking seeing the roads. The man says you will be able to do it. Suddenly rain starts so Ram gets more upset and says perfect. Here, Meera says I also went in this season in rainy season.

Ram struggles walking in the puddle and suddenly a man going splashes water from puddle on his shoes. Ram gets irritated and thinks how will I go from the puddle? Ram then remembers Pihu and Priya so then he walks in the puddle without thinking twice about his shoes. Priya walks back and forth and thinks Ram must be on his way, how will I face him? What will I see? But I didn’t initiate what happened yesterday. Suddenly she hears Nandini scolding Tarun about the puddle footprints on the carpet. Ram comes and says it was due to me.

Nandini says where did you go? You hate mud. Ram says it was raining heavily so I will change the carpet. Ram goes. Nandini thinks Ram is hiding something from me and that too due to that Pihu and Priya. Later, Pihu sees the dress and gets excited she thinks to thank Krish in the party. Priya comes and gets happy seeing it. Priya says you and Krish planned it? Pihu says yes. Priya says thank you. Priya hugs Pihu. Ram sees it and goes.

Priya sees him and thinks Krish didn’t bring it, it was Ram. Pihu goes. Priya thinks about the place where this dress is available. Sandy comes and sees the dress. Sandy says who got this dress? Priya says Ram, but he didn’t give me, but I know he only got it. Sandy says wow, your dream dress was got by your prince charming. Nandini hears it and gets angry. Nandini thinks Vedika is going out of hand and here Ram is also inclining towards Priya. Nandini is about to go to talk to Ram but the function starts so she gets irritated.

Meera thanks Vikrant for giving Sara happiness. Meera also thanks Shubham. Shubham smiles. Sandy whispers I know you are doing this for the deal and thanks for keeping quite infront of Meera. Pihu comes and says I will also write V on Sara’s hand. Then Brinda says Vikrant has to listen to Sara. Ishan tells Meera how he wishes Priya also gets this happiness like Sara. Vikrant takes Ishan with him so that he can give the gift.

Shubham asks Sandy about Ram and Priya? Sandy says I will go and see. Vedika asks Maitri to go and call Ram and Priya. Maitri says I will do it. Adi gives work to Sandy. Vedika is spotted by Nandini and says your stress is gone? I think you will see Ram and Priya’s remarriage too as Ram got Priya’s dream dress. Vedika says I am doing as you said.

Priya is about to go out when her strings of dresses get stuck so she calls for help. Ram comes and helps her. Priya is shocked to see him. Ram says may I help in tying it? Priya says okay. They share a close moment. Ram ties the string and Priya thanks him. Ram says for what? Priya says for the dress. Ram thinks how does she know? Priya says I know you got this dress for me. Ram and Priya share a eye lock.

Maitri comes and says ministers have arrived. Ram goes. Priya thinks what are you doing Priya? Here, Vedika asks Kanika if everything is going according to plan, Maitri has gone up to call Priya. Vedika sees Ram come and then asks Kanika to start the plan. Nandini also stands near the stairs. She is about to go when Kanika collides with her and says sorry. Glass of water falls and Nandini says it’s okay. Kanika puts oil on the stairs.

Vedika and Kanika smirk. Vedika thinks your birthday will become wonderful Priya when you will see Maitri fall like Shivi and then you will understand how serious your blackmailer is. Nandini thinks to talk to Ram. Here, Maitri thinks Priya and Ram love each other so much still they are blindfolded.

Priya asks Maitri about her health? Maitri says I am good but why are you living in the lie? You both love each other and it can be seen in both of your eyes so why are you not realising it? Then you can tell about Pihu. Priya remembers all the threats and says I don’t want this as then Pihu will learn about me being in jail, I can’t afford it. Maitri says I am sorry, I don’t feel good seeing you and Ram seperate, earlier also I took your love away. Priya says whatever you did was good as it brought me close to Ram.

Episode ends.

Precap – Everyone dances. Ram convinces Pihu and they dance together. Priya see Nandini’s medicines in dustbin so she wonders why this? Priya hides when she hears Nandini come.

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