Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st July 2022 Written Update: Shubham sides with Adi and Vikrant!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krish saying it’s about Pihu, she is a kid. Ram says she doesn’t know the truth about her mom so not my fault. Krish says you tried to separate Ishan ans Sara legally and you are saying this. Vikrant says what papers? Adi says I don’t know. Adi thinks how does he know about it. Ram says I have not uploaded the video. Krish says you know what minister thinks of you and you should be concerned about it, I checked the video was uploaded from your office server.

Vikrant and Adi are shocked. Krish says if I come back again then it won’t be good for you. Krish leaves. Nandini blames Adi and Brinda and how they all were there in the office planning to promote Ram and Priya, did you do it Vikrant to impress Sara? Adi says he won’t do it. Nandini says you only got Priya in the same restaurant in Ram’s location. Ram says calm down, they are my friends. Nandini says they are your enemies, you only ask them. Ram asks them to prove Nandini wrong. They are silent.

Nandini says their silence is speaking the truth, open your eyes Ram, they are not your friends, they want that cursed Priya back to our life? From today, you won’t keep any relation with these people either it’s them or me or Shubham. Ram says they are like my brothers. Nandini says I am like your step mother, we were fixing thinga but then Priy came because of them. Shubham comes and says they did like Nandini said, these guys started a campaign for making Raya come back, they were doing it in the bakery.

Adi says yes. Ram is shocked. Ram says you both did this? Krish tries to find out who did it. Krish thinks I won’t let Priya leave this time, I am waiting for you since so long. Krish sees a ring. Krish gets a call and gets to know it happened from Sandy’s computer. Krish thinks to talk to Sara. Ishan comes and stops him. Ishan says it was me. Krish says why would you do this? Ishan says only you know this how because of me Pihu and Priya’s life is ruined, I was trying to help them, I am so guilty. Ishan cries while Krish consoles him. Ishan says Priya and Ram both miss each other a lot, I want to bring them closer, please don’t rell them. Krish says okay, thank god Pihu didn’t see it but be careful.

Here, Ram gets upset from Adi and Vikrant. Nandini says you both get out of our lives and company. Shubham says they can’t leave as I asked them to do it, I called them and told them to do it. Nandini is shocked.

Adi and Vikram are shocked but Sandy texts them about Shubham offering to help. Shubham says how Priya is so compatible with him. Ram says Priya is married. Shubham says she is not married to Krish and they have never stayed together under one roof, infact everyone met Pihu this time when they came for Sara’s engagement. Nandini is shocked. Ram says why didn’t she marry? Shubham says we need to use Pihu which can show a different angle to Ram and his personality. Ram says enough! I can’t use a child, I will go and talk to minister.

Pawan brings a letter where Minister sent deal cancellation letter. Shubham says we need to talk to Priya and convince her. Nandini says enough did you forget how Priya killed Shivi? Shubham says we didn’t forget, but if this deal is cancelled then I will go to jail and you will lose me. Ram goes.

Krish knocks on Priya’s door and looks at the ring. He confesses how over these years he started feeling so strongly about her and one day Pihu will require a dad. Krish talks about his feelings and realises that Priya is not answering. Here, Ram is waiting for the minister when Adi and Vikrant come. They are shocked to see Vedika. Ram says I won’t be able to prove to Minister without Vedika. Just then the minister comes. Minister says our deal is already cancelled. Ram says in 7 days I will make you see my real image and the press release will be a shocker for you. Minister says you are very over confident.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram tries to find Priya. Krish is shocked. Ram stops Priya.

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