Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th January 2022 Written Update: Sid plans to keep Ram and Lakhan away forever.


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th January 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Avni’s father makes it clear to Lakhan that he would accept his relationship with Avni only after Ram accept him as his brother. Ram gives a surprise to Priya with all the pictures of their family and they have some sweet moment. Priya jokingly says that how much she compromised for him. Ram says the second surprise which is forever to find the name both he and Pihu chosen for their second daughter.

Priya asks what if it’s a boy but Ram is sure that it would be a girl. He gives hint that the name is a blend of both his and hers most favourite thing in the world. Priya looks at the mirror and thinks that their favourite thing in the world is each other. She rightly predicts the name as Prachi where P and R from Ram and Priya. Lakhan upset with what he could do but he’s not ready to bend in front of Ram. Shubham and Sid sees it and Sid plans to never let Ram and Lakhan unite forever.

Nandhini lashes out at Swati for returning bank to meet Ram despite her warning her with her son’s life. Swati asks how much more will she threaten her as she already lost everything due to her threat. In the flashback its seen that Nandini was Ram’s father’s co worker who eyed his father. She met Swati and Ram when they came to visit Ram’s father. Ram’s friend asked for his pen and he gave it saying that it’s gifted by his son. He still took the pen with him and Ram’s father goes out with Swati. Ram notices friend having his gifted pen and tries to snatch it from him.

Nandhini by mistake drops her lunch box and the food spreads on floor. During the push and pull his friend steps on the fallen food and falls from window falling from height. Swati and Nandhini gets shocked seeing it. Later, Nandhini threatens Swati to leave her husband in return for saving Ram from the chaos. Swati left Ram’s father and Ram lying that she found someone else and gave a hand written letter to Nandhini too. Swati says that she did everything to save her son and Nandhini asks why she returned still.

Precap : Sid creates rift between Ram and Lakhan. Lakhan being drunk pushes away Ram and Priya. Ram slaps Lakhan for pushing Priya.

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