Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th July 2022 Written Update: Ram gets to know about Nandini’s hidden side!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu tying Ram up and saying I know you want to kidnap us. Ram says no you are misunderstanding me. Pihu says see you have all this. Pihu traps him in his hand cuffs and eye mask. Priya comes and sees Ram like that, Pihu says Ram had all this he wanted to kidnap me. Priya sees that and understands it. Ram says I know you are misunderstanding me it’s not mine.

 Priya says I know, I have seen those articles about you. Pihu thinks what are they thinking? Priya says you will say this is of Rohit but actually it’s yours. Ram says just remove these cuffs. Ram and Priya start fighting and then Ram says you left me. Ram gets silent seeing Pihu. Pihu says you hurt my mom so I won’t open it.

Priya sees knife and says what is this? Ram says it’s for cake. Pihu says you have kidnappers eyes. Priya says he is not. Pihu says you trust him? Priya says yes. Pihu says why? Priya says because he is my prince charming. Ram and Pihu are shocked. Pihu goes so Priya also excuses herself.

Pihu is sad and asks Priya if she said the truth. Priya says how? Pihu says but he is so rude and hates everyone I like, how can he be your prince charming? Priya says I am sorry. Ram comes and says Maitri called. Pihu goes. Ram apologies to Priya for keeping her in this position. Ram asks what about the thing you said. Priya says I had to tell her to release you, as all this is a act only. Ram says yes, right.

In the office, Shubham asks Sandy if they want to bring Priya and Ram together. Sandy says no, we have asked Priya also but she said no too. Shubham says I have asked this because I don’t want my family go through the same pain of years ago. Sandy says I understand. Sandy thinks I am lying as I am dedicated to Priya and my family.

Here, Priya talks to Maitri about Neeraj and Pihu and Ram both of them say that gel haired person. They both look at each other and smile. Priya says this is the common thing now don’t fight for the next 7 days. They both decide to eat the cupcake together. Krish comes there and Ram gets upset. Krish sends Pihu aside. Krish shows the newspaper article of Priya in jail and accuse Ram of blackmailing her. Krish asks Priya to not help Ram. Priya says he is not doing anything like that.

Ram says I assure you it won’t get out. Ram says stop accusing him wrongly. Krish says I can’t put you and Pihu at risk come with me. Priya asks Krish to go out and wait with Pihu, she needs to talk to Ram. Pihu comes and gets shocked by seeing Priya scolding Krish. Priya says you should have asked me before coming here Krish. Krish says yes sorry.

Priya tries to convince Ram but he says to her he put so much effort to deal everything well with her but she don’t understand him. Priya asks him  to give little time to her. She can’t able to allow her child learn the truth her mom was in jail. Ram says to her it’s his responsibility to make sure their safety in his work.

 Priya adds that they are just a part of his work but Piyu is his daughter. She is everything to her. Ram says that she is giving excuse to stop this. Priya adds that she never give excuse for her responsibility. He asks her whom give this to her Shubham? She denies it and mentions it’s his mom. He tells her she is not well she was attending meditation. Priya says that she don’t like her at all. He assures her that he will solve it. She says to him her daughter need her now so let her leave.

 He promises her to take care of everything. Later Vedhika complaints to her friend that he was partying with them. He shares to Nandini that Ishaan is over protective on Priya. There is something going in without their knowledge. Vedhika says that she is aware of it. Nandini notices Ram there and ask him why did he looks so dull? Nandini asks him Is everything alright? He denies it showing the article to her. He disappointed with her for showing this article in front of Pihu. He can understand she worries for him but it’s wrong. He won’t support wring things.

Episode end.

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