Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th September 2022 Written Update: Ram and Priya reveal about their past to Pihu!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya complaining to Pihu about Ram not letting her drink another glass of drink. Pihu says see I got these peanuts. Priya says let’s play. Ram says peanuts are for eating not to play. Priya starts throwing peanuts at Ram while Ram dodges and Pihu tries to stop her. Ram gets hurt on his eyes so Priya says I am so sorry. Priya says show me your eyes. Priya sees Ram’s eyes and says you have such beautiful eyes but you are copy cat of Pihu’s eyes. Priya blows air on Ram’s air when he gets mesmerized by her. Pihu records this from far and thinks thank you ganpati for giving me this perfect family like I have always imagined. Then Ram makes Priya sleep. Priya says no you are so boring, we won’t sleep so early. Ram says I am not boring. Priya says ask Pihu with whom she enjoys in adventure. Pihu says I have never gone in adventure with Ram. Ram calms Priya down and makes her sleep and asks Pihu to stay there. Ram takes the glass and goes out.

Ram thinks now if I drink the whole bottle then also I won’t be able to sleep. Vedika sees the empty glass in Ram’s hand and thinks he drank it. Vedika thinks to implement her plan. Ram comes to his room and imagines how Priya said she loves to be near him. Ram wants to go near Priya but he thinks whether he should go or not. Ram remembers how Priya made promise to him that she will drink with him. Ram strongly feels that he should go there but fears if Priya won’t like it in the morning. Ram thinks to call Adi but then remembers how he is not taking to his friends.

Here, Vedika comes dressed as Priya and takes Pihu. Ram thinks for Pihu’s sake I need to check on them. Vedika puts Pihu in car when she turns, Priya hits her with a stick and says you are a witch stealing my daughter. Vedika gets hurt on head and says no Priya it’s not like that. Priya chases Vedika. Vedika hides in the bush. Vedika’s phone falls near the car. Later, Ram finds Priya’s room empty and worries. He sees some vases broken so he follows it. He comes and sees the car gone and Vedika’s phone fallen. Ram wonders where are Priya and Pihu? Suddenly, Priya comes with a stick. Pihu stops her. Ram says she is attacking me. Priya says he is bad guy. Pihu says no. Pihu asks Ram to let her handle Priya. Pihu explains to Priya how she is a good girl and Ram is a good boy too. Priya says are you sure? From his face he looks like a kidnapper. Ram says I am not. Ram asks them what are they doing here? Pihu says mom got me here. Priya says I was finding someone but I don’t know. Priya says I think I hit someone. Ram says who? What are you saying? Priya says I don’t remember. Ram so so you are a kidnapper. Priya says no.

Then Ram and Priya fight over who gives best surprises. Priya says I will show you that I give the best surprises. Priya and Pihu take Ram. Ram is blindfolded and Priya takes him. Ram says why have you left me with her Pihu? Priya says you are safe with me I won’t eat you. Priya then says we are here. Pihu says so this was our first adventure when we didn’t have a house and I was scared but Priya made it fun. Ram opens the blindfold and sees a cute arrangement on terrace he remembers how he did this for Priya. Ram gets emotional so Priya gives him tissue and they all joke. Ram says I only told Priya this joke. Pihu says so you knew each other? Ram says yes we were friends. Priya says best friends. Ram smiles. Pihu says wow, I don’t know, as I have not seen that. Here Vedika faints and falls.

Suddenly Priya feels dizzy and falls down. Ram and Pihu worries. Here, Vedika is laid on the bed. Shubham says I found her in the garden. Nandini says she can’t even handle a kid. Shubham says I told you she is of no use why are we keeping her with us? Nandini says we need someone to put all our blames on if we get caught. Shubham looks on. Here, Priya sleeps while Pihu blames Ram for bringing such drink. Ram says you made her drink it and you played that peanut game with her. Pihu says I know it was not apple juice as Priya had told me about a drink that only adults take, Priya doesn’t take it and then that shouldn’t be kept infront of kids which you did and then you are putting all blames on me. Pihu says it’s not correct. Ram says you are seriously like Priya only doing such deep analysis. Pihu looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya are arguing where Priya is emphasising on how she wants Pihu to know her dad that is you. Pihu hears this and gets shocked. Ram asks Priya why shouldn’t he fight for Pihu’s sole custody? Priya gets shocked.

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