Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st July 2022 Written Update: Pihu doubts on Ram and Priya!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram saying I won’t support anything wrong. Nandini says I won’t do anything wrong, I just got scared, I am sorry. Ram says it’s okay. Ram leaves Nandini turns to Vedika and says it must be you who told about this as no one else knew. Nandini asks Vedika to go to Meerut. Here, Pihu is sad and Sandy comes. Pihu asks Sandy if Ram is Priya’s prince charming. Sandy gets confused and asks her why? Pihu days because she is helping. Sandy explains how every good person help each other. Pihu says how Krish is perfect for Priya.

Sandy sees Ram and Priya. She thinks they were perfect together, that one accident changed everything. Pihu asks are we going. Priya says we are… Ram comes and asks can I sit. Priya asks him to sit. Pihu says you get me scolded, and got Krish and Priya fight. Ram says its not my mistake. She says he never fights, he is very cool. Priya asks them to have water and get cool. Ram and Pihu clean the glass rim. She asks him not to copy her. Ram says you are copying me. Priya says stop fighting. Pihu says I m getting stressed, where is my medicine. Priya gives medicine.

Pihu and Ram take the pill. Priya says you have to come with me to Meerut, there will be many people, you like weddings right. Pihu says yes, I want Pallavi’s thaali and dance. Priya says done, we will dance a lot, you, Ram and me. Pihu laughs on him. She asks can you dance. Ram says I dance like a rockstar, can you dance, will you become my partner. Pihu asks will you say sorry to Krish. Ram says its not my mistake. Priya says Krish and I didn’t fight. Ram gets Pallavi’s call. Pallavi talks to Priya and Pihu.

Priya says you have done a big thing for me that day. Pallavi says you have given me a big order, I will make the best dish for you. Ram says I will see if you dance with me. Pallavi tells the menu to the team. Shanky says I don’t think Nick will approve this menu. She says we have no time. Lalita asks them to give the votes. Badal says we will ask Nick. Shanky says Pallavi, you lose. Manna comes and says my vote goes to Pallavi.

Shanky says we want a tie breaker. Ram comes and says my vote goes to Pallavi. Pallavi welcomes Ram. Vikrant and Sara come to the decorated house. Nimmi welcomes them. Pihu says I won’t dance until Ram says sorry to Krish. Sandy comes and asks Pihu to come for dance rehearsal. Nimmi taunts about Sara’s ex. Brinda says she is a fool. Adi says she is fav of Vikrant’s parents. Nimmi says its my birthday today. Brinda says we have called the media to cover your birthday. She asks her to ask Shubham. Nimmi asks is he single. Brinda says yes.

Nimmi goes to welcome Shubham. Everyone laughs. Shubham gives his bag and goes. Nick helps Priya. He introduces himself. Pallavi gets water for Ram. She says I have cleaned the glass and water is filtered, have the tea, Priya had sent your blog interview, I know everyone’s likes and dislikes. He likes the tea.

He asks when did you meet Priya and Pihu. Nick says it’s a broken relation now. She says we shouldn’t decide the future of relations. He says nothing is same like before. Sandy comes to call Priya. She says Pihu refused to dance with Ram. Priya says it’s a big complication. Nick says stay away from the problems and maybe it get solved. Priya thinks yes, Pihu will dance with Ram if I don’t dance for some reason. She says thanks, your advice solved my problem. She thinks Pihu and Ram will dance together. Ram says we can’t forget the past.

Pallavi says yes, but we can’t live with it, you have your beautiful family with you. Ram thinks maybe Priya didn’t tell her everything. She says happiness is for a short time, sorrow stays for long, so gather all the happiness as much as you can. Priya gets an idea. She thinks no one will ask me to dance now. Pihu says I won’t dance. Ram thinks to convince Pihu. Priya drops the vase on her foot. She screams. Ram and Pihu come to her. Ram calls out Adi and Sandy. Ram asks how did the vase fall down. Priya says I collided with it, sorry, you and Pihu have to dance now.

Vedika comes to Shubham. She asks him to help her in spiking Ishaan’s drink. He says Priya is hurt, she won’t dance. Priya asks Pihu to dance. Pihu says okay, Ram will follow my steps on my fav song. Ram comes and asks are you okay. Priya says no, but I will get fine after the dance. Pihu says you are my dad, find out my fav song, I mean you are acting like my dad. She asks Priya not to tell him. He says she is so stubborn.

Precap – Pihu and Ram dance. Ishaan says you are such that you will murder someone and put someone in jail, but Priya went to jail because of me, Shivi died because of me. Vedika is shocked.

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