Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st June 2022 Written Update: Ram doubts in Pihu and Ishan!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu saying I will bring Ishan also with me. Priya says I know you sent Ishan to me. Pihu says sorry are you angry? Priya says I am very happy you told him. Pihu says why did you get sad? You want to meet Ishan more? I will make you talk to him. Here, Ishan wonders what will happen now? I went against RK. Vedika comes and questions Ishan why he changed his decision who talked you out of it? Ishan says it’s between me and RK, so why are you affected?

Vedika says because you are using Ram, by your this action Ram got affected. Ishan says it’s between me and RK so please don’t speak in between and it’s my wish what I do. Vedika says you will regret this. Here, Priya’s call gets disconnected. Vedika is about to go when she collides with Pihu and calls her thief. Pihu says maybe no one taught you how to speak to a kid, you are very bad. Vedika acts rude when Pihu says you apologise to me or else I will tell everyone what you told Ishan inside. Vedika says you are lying. Pihu says I am going.

Priya thinks who could have given Ishan those papers? Krish says maybe it was Ram only as he got Ishan. Priya says no he can’t do this. Priya calls Ishan and asks him. Ishan tells Priya it was someone named Vedika. Here, Pihu collides with Ram. Ram makes Pihu stop and Pihu thinks her adventure seems failed. Ram asks Pihu who are you?

Pihu says you are a liar. Ram says you are dramebaaz, you acted like getting an asthama. Pihu says I had to because you made fake promise. Brinda says Ram very bad. Ram says this girl is doing overacting. Pihu says not fair. Nandini says whose kids is she? Meera asks Sandy about Maitri. Sandy says Maitri went home she was not well. Sandy says it’s Neeraj’s niece. Pihu reveals to Ram how Vedika calls her something different.

Vedika hopes Pihu doesn’t reveal her secret about Ishan. Vedika I didn’t say anything. Ram asks Pihu what is it? Pihu says she calls me child of a thief. Ram gets upset with Vedika. Vedika says I am sorry. Ram says what is this behaviour. Vedika says I am sorry I didn’t mean it. Vedika thinks this girl is a trouble. Brinda gets impressed by Pihu as she made Vedika apologise.

Soods leave with Pihu. Here, Priya is sad and shares how she is guilty that because of her Ram tried to break Sara and Vikrant’s relationship. Krish says it’s not because of you, you always think of others then how can you be wrong? Priya says should I surrender and tell everyone? Krish says no don’t do that, you have already done a lot. Priya recalls how she asked Ishan not to tell anyone about her. When Ram comes to Ishan and gives him food.

 Ishan says no I am not hungry. Ram says it’s okay you did what you thought was right, but who made you think like this? Priya? I saw on CCTV you went somewhere. Ishan says no it’s not that, I realised how when you love someone you do things for them like you did for me, you guided me no matter what Varun did. Ram thinks I wish I was the same person, but I am not that good advisor for you.

The Soods and Vikrant talk about Meera hiding the truth of Pihu and Ram met each other in mall. Meera justifies herself how she wanted Ram and Pihu to bond. Sara says we shouldn’t hide from Priya, she will be upset. Vikrant says the way Ram and Pihu talked with each other it had so much of emotions. Sandy says but it’s risky. Vikrant says if it is being done to unite Ram and Pihu, I am with Meera. Sara says but what if we don’t tell Priya but Pihu tells Priya? Meera says Pihu doesn’t know his name yet so it won’t be an issue. They all agree. Here, Priya dances with Pihu and tells her about the places where the food is amazing. Pihu gets excited to there with Priya. Priya thinks those are the favourite spots of Ram.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu asks Priya about her and Prince charming’s special place. Priya takes her to temple where they meet Ram and Kapoors.

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