Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Vedika panics after knowing something shocking!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick drinking with Vishal. Vishal says thanks for trusting me, these ladies always blame the males. Nick says absolutely, I hope Pallavi learnt her lesson. Harsh asks Nandita about who took the video and circulated. Nandita says Pallavi can go to any extent. Harsh says I don’t think she will do it. Nandita is shocked. Nick sats how did you do it? Vishal says I had to do it as she is oversmart, I called her. Nick says you called and she came, liar. Vishal says I said my mom is ill.

Nick says wow and what about hotel staff? Vishal says I only did, I wanted to teach her a lesson as she said no to a man, every female should face this. Nick says I am so proud of you. Vishal says she is your ex and she is with Ranveer I don’t know why she said no to me, she rejected me in few seconds. Nick says exactly.

 Vishal says she came and badmouthed me. Nick says I have an idea, we will go in the party and talk this will irritate Pallavi. Nick takes him to the party. Vishal thanks Nick for making him famous. Vishal goes near Pallavi. Nick slaps Vishal and says you thought you will tell anything about Pallavi? Nick shows Vishal his confession recording. Nick beats Vishal.

Everyone is shocked. Pallavi tries to stop him. Nick beats him. Ram tries to stop him and calms him. Ram says I called police. Shanky takes Vishal. Ram says I was thinking why didn’t you react, but then I understood your plan. Flashback is shown where Nick put a chit in Ram’s jacket asking him to put a camera in bar area. Flashback ends.

Ram appreciates what Nick did. Nick thanks Ram. Pallavi looks on. Everyone leaves. Priya remembers Pihu and Ram’s dance. Priya thinks I always thought of this moment, when Pihu gets older I will tell her this and she will cherish this. Meera knocks and Priya thinks it’s Pihu.

 Meera says Pihu is with Pallavi and Ram. Meera says haldi milk will help you. Priya holds Meera’s hand and says pain is not going but today I got relieved seeing everyone together. Meera gets emotional and says today I felt nothing has changed. Priya says but 5 years back something big happened. Meera apologies to Priya.

Priya says my luck brought me this. Meera says I just thought about Sara and Ishan and because of that Pihu you and Ram suffered. Priya says I can understand, I am a mom and I can’t think of choosing anyone other than Pihu. Priya says today seeing everyone together I fell weak. Meera says to see Ram and Pihu together you hurt yourself right? Priya says how did you know? Meera says I am your mother, tell Pihu also about me. Priya says I can’t do this as then Pihu will ask me many questions.

Meera says then do what you are here for, I am happy to see Pihu and Ram together, Pihu will always have these memories with her. Priya says I hope they get past their hate. Meera says it will also go, just leave Pihu with Ram a bit. Priya says but they will fight a lot. Meera says leave them with someone Ram also will listen to like Brinda. Priya says yes Brinda also thinks good for Ram.

Pihu tries to find Priya and Ram also helps her. Brinda comes and says Priya went to Mumbai with Meera ma. Pihu says why? Brinda says it was hurting in her foot so she went. Ram says there are doctors here too. Pihu says Priya forgot me and went she never goes anywhere without me.

Priya  video calls Ram. Pihu takes it, she starts asking her questions. Priya says my leg was paining so doctor said to do an x ray and if I wouldn’t have done it then I would have got plasters and then interview would have got affected. Ram takes the phone and says interview can wait, health is important.

Pihu says it’s okay I understand, we promised to help so you did right. Priya says you are the best. Pihu asks if she will get better? Priya says yes, I will dance when you come here pinky promise. Pihu says how will I do pinky promise? Priya says do it with Ram. Pihu does it. Ram feels emotional and so does Brinda. Ram says I need to talk to you. Brinda takes Pihu.

Ram asks Priya why did she went all of sudden? Priya says spend time with Pihu I am sure her hatred will turn into friendship. Priya asks Ram to promise to take care of Pihu. Ram says promise. Here, Vedika panics thinking what Ishan said and thinks how Ram hates Priya because of Shivina’s death done by her but now if Ram knows then he will reunite with Priya. Vedika goes to tell Shubham.

Vikrant comes and says  Shubham went to airport. Vikrant says I will stay here for a while for dad’s birthday. At airport, Sandy tells Pihu soon you will meet your mom soon. Pihu gets excited. Shubham asks Sandy to do the presentation. Sandy says but Pihu. Shubham says I don’t know. Sandy asks Ram to take care of Pihu. Pihu meets Brinda and Adi. Ram and Pihu spend some time together. Pihu says my name is Pihu Sood. Ram wonders why is her name Sood?

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini confronts Priya about hurting herself to make Pihu get close to Ram. Ram gets questioned by media.

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