Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Neeraj is arrested!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika saying today you stopped Akki, how will you stop him from going tomorrow? Nandini says he will stay, you just stick to the plan. Priya asks Mahender to meet her in the bakery. Mahender says I won’t. Priya says you come or else it won’t be easy for you. Mahender cuts the call, Shashi says Priya? Mahender says yes, today he has to decide if Priya will save her sister’s husband or trap me. Priya thinks Ram’s gift will be really useful today.

Ram is talking about Sid’s contact. Adi says after what all Shashi did you are still doing this contract? Ram says yes I want to get over with this, I am waiting for Tarun. Adi says what medicine you need now? Ram says not medicine, I wanted to give Priya something special, my mom’s kangan. Adi says wow, your intentions are so pure. Nandini comes and sys she will like it a lot, you should have told me, I can’t get upset with you ever, its good, we should give the ancestral bangles to bahus, Priya is a good bahu, I wish these bangles make your and Priya’s relation strong. He hugs her. She thinks Priya has to leave from this house. Ram thanks her.

Here, Priya gets coffee for Mahender while he taunts the service of the cafe. Priya makes him say how he planned the attack on Ram and she came in between. Sara records it all from far. Mahender sees it and gets angry. He is about to slap Sara when Priya stops him. Mahender says you are like your mum. He curses Priya.
Sara says you will be in jail soon. He goes. Priya hugs Sara.

Here, Nandini thinks Ram gave me the responsibility to polish the kangan. Nandini and everyone talk to the jeweller about the old bangles. Akki comes. Nandini says old things have feelings, Priya likes it. Akki says you said right, Priya values emotions, not things. She says I know her well. Shubham says keep my wife away from all this. The man says he will polish this soon. Vedika wears the kangan. Akki says its for Priya, don’t wear it please. Nandini says you are right, Vedika, why did you wear it. Vedika says I was just checking the size, it will get polished. Shivi says I didn’t eat Chinese since long, lets go. She takes Akki. Nandini says done.

Ram gives a treat to everyone and shares his joy. Here, Sara shares her worry about being afraid to go against Mahender but Priya stays firm. Priya and Sara see Neeraj being brought by police so they worry. Sara goes to Maitri while Mahender comes to Priya. Mahender says you can save your sister’s marriage. Priya says I will not give you the recording try all you want, I am not scared of you. Mahender feels worried and angry. Here, Adi and Vikrant ask Ram if he told about Vedika, Ram says Priya said she is not interested. Adi says still try to tell her she should know. Maitri comes to Priya and Sara crying for Neeraj. She says he loves his job, he didn’t do any fraud. Mahender comes and shows fake worry. He says Priya will help you, she is Ram’s wife, she is a rich person now. Priya is irritated by Mahender.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini and Vedika discuss their plan while Ram lies to Priya about being in office so Priya feels why he lied.

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