Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd January 2022 Written Update: Lakhan exposes Yash


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd January 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Swati requesting Nandini to leave her son. She had already left everything for Ram’s sake. Nandini questions her, then why did she return there? She will reveal the truth to the police. Swati pleads with her not to do that. Meanwhile, Ram and Priya are discussing their plans. She doubts where he is taking her to? She guessed that he was going to take her to the farm house. He denies it. He asks her to keep guessing. Where he met her for the first time. They remembered their first meeting. Ram shares his excitement with her about their legal marriage. He asks her, Is she ready for their legal marriage? Meanwhile, Nandini says to Swati that she has already warned her to not return there. But she attended the wedding and did the rituals on behalf of her. How dare she to snatch her rights? Swati says to her that she doesn’t have any intention of snatching her rights. But Priya stopped her. She took her there. Nandini tells her that she wants to pay for her deeds. Swati pleads with her.

Ram and Priya reach there. They are shocked to see Swati’s state. Nandini demands her to pretend to argue with her. Swati pretends to argue with Nandini about her rights. Ram complained that she left him and dad for money. Then why did she return now for her rights? Nandini creates a scene there to provoke Ram against Swati. Priya thinks that she is well aware that Nandini is the culprit. Priya asks them why she met Nandini there? If she wanted to fight for her rights, why didn’t she visit him at home? Nandini thinks that she is over smart. She doesn’t want to create any unnecessary questions about her. Swati asks them to stop it. She only gives them 24 hours. Ram questions her. Doesn’t she give more importance to this money than him?

Yash calls Ram and informs him that Avni is missing. Lakhan kidnapped her. He seeks his help to save Avni. Ram informs Swati about this matter. He threatens her that he won’t leave her son because of this and leaves. Later, Yash asks Lakhan how dare him to come here? He demands Sid to throw him out of his house. Veena asks them to leave him. Avni is in his custody. She pleads with him to release her. Where is Avni? Lakhan tells her that she is in his heart. Sid tells him that he caught him red-handed today. He saw him leaving Avni’s room. Sid creates a fake story against Lakhan to make Ram believe him. He remembered the way he asked Subham to hit him. He hit him. He uses that wound against Lakhan to frame him.

Sid says to Ram he hides Avni somewhere else. Priya asks him how he found it? Sid tells her that he saw him in front of her room. Yash and Veena complain that he isn’t answering to them. Ram demands Lakhan to free Avni. Lakhan threatens everyone not to leave them. Ram inquires him where Avni is? Lakhan tells him that she is with him forever. He pushes Ram away. Swati holds him on time. Lakhan complaints that Yash doesn’t care for his daughter. He loves Ram’s money. He was ready to sacrifice his daughter’s life for money. No one is able to separate Avni from him. He will go any extreme to get her back in his life. He isn’t ready to fall on anyone’s feet. He complaints that Swati isn’t seeing his pain for her other son. Priya tries to stop him. Lakhan complaints that he lost everything for Ram’s sake. But he isn’t ready to sacrifice his life. He is ready to die for his love and beat too. Ram complained to Swati that she asked for her rights to save her criminal son. He kidnapped her twice. Ram leaves to contact the commissioner.

Priya asks Lakhan to at least tell her about Avni’s whereabouts. He tells her that she is able to understand him. He pushes her but Ram holds her. He beats her in anger. He takes him from there forcefully. Later, Ram gets frustrated when he can’t find anything about Avni. Meanwhile, Pihu arrives there along with Meera. She complained to Ram and Priya that they didn’t share kabab with her. Her presence brings happiness to them. Meanwhile, Avni gains consciousness. She doubts how she ended up here? She reads the notes written for her.

Episode end

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