Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Nandini gets a new team member on her team!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Ram saying this place feels familiar. Priya says so you came here to tell me this? Ram says no I came to tell you I have a meeting at 2AM. Priya says you always do everything in reverse, who does meeting at night when people work in daytime. Ram says please try to understand I need my assistant. Priya says I already resigned as you fired me. Ram says it was a mistake. They both start fighting when Priya says you blamed me for your girlfriend’s bad equation with partners. Ram says she is not my girlfriend. Pihu sees them quarrel but then she stops them and then says I will decide who is wrong. Ram says you will support your mom only. Pihu says you are also my guest, so you equally mean a lot to me that’s what my Meera Ma taught me. Ram praises the thought. Pihu then asks them to keep their points one by one then I can decide.

Here, Nandini comes to Shubham and tells him that she is leaving. Just then Sid comes and says I am here as I can be useful to you as I heard from Shubham how Vedika is bossing around here, I know what Sashi did was wrong but I had nothing to do with it. Nandini thinks and then says you are right with me gone, you and Shubham should make sure Ram and Priya should not meet. Sid assures her the same. Ram and Priya shake their hands before debating. Ram gets faint memory from past. Ram and Priya tell Pihu about how the event in the office happened where Ram was upset when Sid came while Priya messaged Sid as he was a partner. Then, again they start fighting. Priya tries to prove her point when Ram is silent and then he stops her from talking by keeping his hand on her mouth. Ram gets flashes from past. They have a eye lock moment. Pihu comes with a phone to see them and takes a picture of them at that moment. Ram and Priya get apart hearing the click. Pihu says you both are correct but this is my best time. Ram says I just want you back, I need you. Priya says for what? You will again behave like this with me. Ram says no I will not as I know you went through surgery.

Pihu says you remember? Ram says yes and I got so worried for you, I sent you a bouquet. Pihu says I have it here. Pihu gives Ram also her bouquet. Pihu gets happy. Priya says see I told you miracle happens. Priya then states how for her security she wants a contract and state that when Vedika will wrongly blame her then also Ram will support her. Ram says I will do this all and I always support the truth. Priya agrees to join back. Ram gets happy.

Ram says let’s go to office as you need to help me in the meeting. Priya says but how can I make Pihu stay here? Ram says let’s start meeting here. Pihu says yay new adventure. Priya says I won’t start without the contract. Ram says should I wake the HR now? Priya says no. Just then Pihu comes with a sketch of Priya and Ram. Pihu says this can be your contract. They both write their terms and sign it. Ram asks Pihu to make a copy of the contract. Ram opens the laptop when Pihu keeps a photoframe aside to fram the contract. Priya sees the photograph to be their wedding picture so she pretends to get hurt to stop Ram from seeing it. Ram sees Priya in pain and he gets flashbacks. Ram panicks and Priya tries to give her a glass of water. Ram drops the glass and faints. Pihu and Priya worry for Ram. They make Ram lie down on bed. Priya tries to put some water on his face. Pihu cries and says Dadi was right, I came infront of Ram so he became ill. Priya says it’s not like that, he can never get ill because of you, I will make him okay, don’t worry. Priya thinks to call Adi to ask about Ram’s medicines. Adi doesn’t pick up so Priya calls Vikrant but he also doesn’t pick up the call. Pihu says it has been so long and he didn’t wake up. Priya says now we need to contact Nandini only.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya calls Nandini when Nandini taunts her about how she failed to come close to Ram. Next day, Krish calms Priya down as she worries about Ram. Ram spots them together.

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