Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Nandini plans to use her master plan against Priya!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram and Priya coming to Kapoor mansion but they are unable to find her. Ram says you said she will be here. Priya says she is. They go to see the room. Priya sees the drawing and she tells Ram that Pihu is your daughter only see she was here, she knew it we will come here. Ram sees the card and reads how Pihu is angry with them and she went with Krish. Ram gets upset that Krish didn’t tell them that he took Pihu. Priya says mistake is ours we let something like this come out infront of her all of sudden. Ram says let’s go to Krish’s house. Priya says Krish must have taken Pihu to Sood house. They both leave.

Ram and Priya come to Sood house and they ask everyone where is Pihu? Sandy says she is in the room. Ram says is she alone? Sandy says no Krish is there with her as she is talking to just Krish. Ram and Priya knock on the door and asks her to open the door. Krish says let me open. Pihu says no. Pihu says you both are always fighting I want my mom dad not to fight as I have seen in movies how those parents who fight make thier kids stay with them part by part, I want to stay with you both. Krish takes a leave and asks Ram and Priya to be careful, she was not ready to write that letter I only convinced her as I knew you both will be looking for her. Krish goes. Priya thinks what can we do to make Pihu talk to us. Ram and Priya ask Pihu to open the door but she doesn’t say anything.

Ram asks Sara if there is something to eat? Sara says yes, are you hungry? Ram says I want it for Pihu. Meera and Sara cook sandwiches and give it to Pihu. Pihu says I will open the door but on the condition that I will only take food. Sara says okay. Pihu takes the sandwiches. Meera thinks even Ram and Priya must be hungry. Here, Nandini and Shubham return to Kapoor mansion. Nandini sayd it’s so good to be back. Shubham says how can you be so chill even after knowing that Priya remembers about last night. Nandini says I used Pihu well so I am happy and I will use my secret plan to make Ram not believe Priya. Nandini smiles.

Here, Meera is emotional about Priya and Ram’s situation. Sandy takes the sandwich and offers to Ram and Priya. Ram says I don’t need it. Priya takes the plate and asks Ram to eat. Ram says I won’t till the time Pihu doesn’t talk to me. Priya says how will you talk to her if you only get sick, so eat it, don’t irritate me you both. Ram starts eating it. Pihu sees them from far inside the room. Ram asks Priya to eat it too as she needs to stay healthy. Sandy, Sara and Meera are happy to see it. Sandy says I hope Ram and Priya solve their issues. Meera says Pihu will definitely bring them together.

Later, Priya sleeps on Ram’s shoulder. Ram makes her comfortable. Pihu looks at them time to time. After sometime Priya wakes up and finds Ram sleeping in an awkward position so she keeps a pillow on his head and keeps a fan infront of Ram. Ram sleeps on her lap. They sleep. Next day, Ram wakes up and hears Priya say Pihu wake up, you have changed due to Ram only you wake up so late. Ram says in sleep also you are blaming me? Priya says what? For our fight? Yes you always fight. They both go inside the room and don’t find Pihu. Sara informs them that Pihu has gone to temple with Meera, she is just confused about the situation.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya and Ram have confusion on seeing sole custody papers.

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