Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th January 2022 Written Update: Lakhan tries to prove his innocence!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th January 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Pihu asking Ram why is he sad? Pihu says be happy now you got married and we should have fun. Ram thinks she is right, let’s see what Priya will make for first rasoi. Here, Avni thinks Lakhan is doing wrong by reading the letter. Avni sees the phone is not working so she tries to tell Lakhan from the closed door how this step will destroy everything and he shouldn’t do this, they should sort this out. Shubham and Sid are outside and smirk. They leave. Here, Ram comes to ask Priya if she needs help. Ram says I believe in equality and I am a feminist. Pihu appreciates Ram.

Pihu and Ram dance and celebrate Priya’s first rasoi. Priya thinks Ram is so worried but seeing Pihu he always cheers up. Priya thinks Pihu will also face difficulty in life and I hope she stands brave. Ram and Pihu stop dancing and go to get spoons. Meera says Pihu’s chirpiness always brings smile to everyone. Priya says yes, I don’t know why Lakhan is doing this. Meera says not everyone is same like we think they are. Priya thinks somehow I feel Lakhan is not involved in this. Adi informs Ram how he is with Lakhan to know more and he is trying to get hotel CCTV footage. Ram brings spoons and everyone taste what Priya made. Meera and Sara talk how Pihu makes everything better and with Prachi coming let’s hope everything gets better even with Lakhan. Here, Adi tries to talk to Lakhan. Lakhan says you guys have already arrested me so what is the need. Priya comes and says here are the property papers in my name and you can have them all, as you think you can buy anything using money. Lakhan says it is not true, I don’t think like that. Priya says I knew it, I just wanted to know from you but the truth is Avni is kidnapped and we need to find her. Lakhan says I want to find her and get my love but how can I staying here? Adi says I will apply for bail.

Lakhan says but this blame will not go away from my head. Priya says it’s important to think of Avni. Lakhan says Ram hates me but you know me how come? Priya thinks because I know you are Ram’s brother. Lakhan says lately Yash has changed his behaviour knowing that I am Ram’s brother and he wants me to unite with Ram to get my love. Priya thinks so Yash lied for money and fame. Lakhan says Ram hates me and my poverty, after he shouted on me in call, I was upset so I got drunk and after that I went to meet Avni as Yash was not allowing me, then I don’t remember. Adi says bail can’t happen as Sid and Shubham are alibi and we don’t have to falsify it. Adi asks Lakhan if he knows anything about the place where Avni can be. Lakhan says no.

Here, Sid and Shubham try to make Ram against Lakhan by saying how they should have made him arrested before only. Ram says this time I won’t do any mistake. Yash comes with suitcase filled with money and says we got this from Lakhan’s item. Sid says from this money he can keep Avni in hotels and I know one which deals with cash. They all go to that place. Priya also comes. The manager identifies Lakhan as the person who came there with Avni. This shocks Priya and she gets confused if Lakhan is saying the truth. They all see the CCTV of a hallway in front of a room and go to find Avni but they don’t find her there. Priya thinks who is lying now? Here, Pihu has fun with Sara and Vikrant and asks them to buy ice cream. Sara and Vikrant go to buy ice cream making Pihu stand near gaurd. Few reporters spot her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya gets upset on who involved Pihu in this case as the reporters asked questions to her. Shubham and Sid blame Swati.

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