Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th January 2022 Written Update: Shubham raises his hands on Swati!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th January 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Pihu crying and asking Ram and Priya if Lakhan is her chachu and if Lakhan is arrested for kidnapping some girl. Sara tries to take her when Priya says we should answer her. Ram says but who informed to the media? Yash won’t humiliate Avni so who did this. Priya says whoever did this has done wrong. Sid and Shubham see Priya look at them so Sid says we were with Ram. Ram says yes. Priya says I am saying the real culprit will be caught. Shubham says we should see if Swati did this as a revenge. Sid says yes maybe she also didn’t but then who? Priya says Swati won’t defame her own son. Ram thinks if my birth mother can go to any extent for money? Priya says we need to see Lakhan’s side as well to know the truth. Pihu says we were supposed to be a happy family but we are sad again. Pihu cries. Vikrant and Adi say we will go and find Avni.

Priya brings hot chocolate for Ram and Pihu. Priya tries to make the situation lighter for Pihu. Here, Sid and Shubham try asking Swati about Avni. Sid whispers to Yash to make Swati suffer so that Lakhan reveals the truth. Here, Ram tries to answer Pihu who asks why is Lakhan bad? Ram says some people take short cuts and that leads to people like him. Pihu says why can’t everyone be like you dad? Priya says because it is difficult. Shubham is about to raise hands on Swati when Vikrant and Adi come for Swati’s rescue. Adi says we can’t raise hands on anyone like this we should respect people. Yash pleads Swati and they show Swati the CCTV footage.

Here, Priya tells Pihu to never believe on someone’s saying always go after truth and always be on the facts upfrontly on what she wants. Ram says like Shubham saw Lakhan going into Avni’s room, soon the truth will come out. Priya remembers how the footage didn’t have the face of Lakhan. Priya sees the footage and confirms her doubt.

Swati comes to jail to talk to Lakhan to reveal the truth. Lakhan says why we are always blamed and take the blame. Swati says Pihu, that kid is getting suffered due to this kidnapping, she is a little girl. Priya and Adi hear this. Priya says see if someone is after money then why will she care about her grandkid. Adi says you are right. Lakhan says I have really not done it, no one is believing me. Here, Nandini asks Shubham why are you after Lakhan? You are doing wrong as Ram will take things to different level if he gets to know. Shubham says Sid wants to become in laws of Yash to get us the project. Nandini says Ram is your brother he can buy so many Yash for you just put the blame on Sid, trust me. Ram hears this and confronts Nandini what will she get out of this? Nandini changes her plan and says Lakhan will be free and he is your real brother plus Swati will be upset by this. Ram thinks something and goes. Nandini smirks. Priya and Adi think to go after the real culprit.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram sees Priya with Swati so he confronts her. Later, Nandini tries to offer them help but Ram denies any help from her.

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