Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th July 2022 Written Update: Nandini blames Priya for going against her!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram telling Pihu bad jokes and explaining how you can see clouds from window. Pihu says really? This is my first time in aeroplane. Ram says your seat is beside mine, you will enjoy. Pihu says I will get bored. Ram says no you will not. Pihu says okay. They go. Adi and Brinda try to find them. Sandy comes and says Mumbai airport is closed so we are stuck here.

Adi says what will we do? Brinda says shopping. Sandy says it’s good now Pihu and Ram can bond. They find Ram and Pihu and inform them about the news. Pihu jokes on Ram. Ram taunts her on never travelled in aeroplane. Everyone feels bad. Pihu gets upset and goes. Brinda says let’s convince her. Pihu is sitting upset and making paper aeroplanes. They all come to her and suggest to play something.

Pihu suggests everyone to play dumb charades. Shubham says I am in Brinda and Adi’s team Pihu challenges Ram to enact first. Ram says why me first? Pihu says are you scared? Ram says no I am not, I will enact. Sandy wishes Ram all the best. Ram takes the movie from Adi and starts acting. Pihu starts guessing but they are unable to. Adi calls them looser.

Just then Ram enacts and Pihu guesses. Adi says how do you know about this movie? Pihu says one time when we were going in a truck. Sandy says we will discuss this later. Ram thinks Pihu and Priya always go in truck but why? Does Krish support them or not? Just then the media comes and asks Ram he is alone with Pihu is he trying to steal her from Priya?

Here, Nandini sees Priya in a wheelchair and asks what happened? Priya says a vase fell on my feet. Nandini says you did this knowingly right? Priya thinks she will tell Pihu everything so I won’t tell her. Priya says no. Nandini says I know you did it knowingly so that Ram and Pihu dance right? In order to keep your promise so that Ram and Pihu come close. Priya says I have been to jail and wouldn’t want that for anyone. Meera says my Priya is a gem and thinks about all. Nandini says I don’t know that but good that she is helping us.

The media gets shocked hearing Ram tell them how Priya is the best mother to Pihu so stop making such news, if you ever do this again then no one will be worst than me. The media apologies and goes. Pihu looks on. Ram asks Pihu if she is okay? Pihu says yes, thank you. Here, Priya says you can go Maa. Nandini says I can take care of Priya. Meera says I know Priya can take care of herself. Meera leaves. Nandini asks Priya to reveal her real motives.

Nandini says tell me the real plans of your how you want to tell Ram about Pihu being his daughter as I know you told Ram about me blackmailing you. Priya says I have no such plans even if Ram accepts her then also I don’t want his name. Nandini says so without money and name you will raise her? Priya says yes, my daughter doesn’t need luxury and this is my promise to you. Priya asks Pawan to take her to the room. Nandini looks on.

Here, Pihu is upset and drinking cold drink. Ram comes and says when I am upset  I eat burger as it’s big and fullfilling. Pihu says really? Ram says yes. Ram gets a cupcake for her. Ram tries to cheer her up. Ram says I am sorry for that cupcake incident. Pihu says it’s okay, my mom said to let it go. Ram says okay mumma. Pihu says everyone loves mumma.

 Ram says  everyone love their mumma. Pihu says and my mumma too except you, I have seen you look at her so angrily, I don’t like you as mumma is always worried and upset around you while she has never been like this even when our trucks got late in our adventures. Ram asks which adventures? Pihu thinks oops it was supposed to be our secret.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya sees Ram and Pihu bond. Priya gets messages about her hiding about the real culprit of Shivi. Priya thinks it’s Shubham who is sending the messages.

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