Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th March 2022 Written Update: Maitri tells Priya something very shocking!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika getting a courier of Neeraj and thinks Neeraj will be usefull. Vedika calls Neeraj. Neeraj goes out of the room and picks up the video call. Vedika starts yelling about his misery and how even Neeraj was at her place once but she doesn’t have any friends too. Neeraj asks her to calm down. Maitri wakes up and sees them talk. Vedika says that Priya, your ex is stealing my love Ram, Ram did Shivi’s relation with Sid because I said so and now Priya is taking him away, if Priya’s brother was not Shivi’s husband, then I am sure Ram would have left Priya only. Neeraj says what are you saying? Vedika says I know Ram, he always loved me. Maitri worries about Priya and goes inside. Neeraj compliments Vedika for her plan to be successful and Maitri heard it. Neeraj comes inside and asks Maitri whom she is calling? Maitri says to Sara, Vedika is Ram’s ex I didn’t know. Neeraj says oh really? Maitri asks did you know? Neeraj says yes, I thought you all know. Maitri says I need to tell Priya. Neeraj says what if Vedika is wrong about all this, I think you should talk to Ram. Maitri agrees.

Next day, Priya goes to bath and get ready for Holi. Ram and Akki come and vacate Priya’s wardrobe and asks Akki and Pavan to bring the tie and dye saree. Akki praises Ram about his amazing idea. Here, Mami sees over the preparation and eats sweets. Neeraj and Maitri come there. Mami taunts Neeraj. Maitri asks for Ram and knowing he is in room, she goes. Neeraj thinks Priya is strong enough to handle thia truth but Ram is the weak link, it will be interesting to see him break. Maitri goes when Akki comes and wishes them. Maitri sees Pavan go to Ram’s room so follows him. Ram gets his tie and dye sherwani from Pavan and asks about the saree. Pavan says Akki is ironing it. Ram leaves to bring the saree fast. Shivi meets Maitri on the way and wishes her happy holi. They apply colour on each other. Here, Priya is upset thinking Ram is pranking her by taking all her clothes and making him wear his sherwani. She wears it. Maitri goes to Ram’s room and sees someone go into washroom. Maitri thinks it’s Ram so she says from outside the washroom that Jiju I know you are cheating on my sister for that ex of yours, just because she is going from a divorce, for that Vedika. Priya is shocked.

Ram comes with the Saree and shows to Sara and Brinda who make fun of Ram being so romantic. Brinda asks Ram to go fast and get ready. Ram asks Brinda to take the saree and bring his sherwani. Brinda goes. Priya comes out of the washroom and asks Maitri what is she saying. Maitri says forget what I said. Priya asks who told you? Maitri says I am confused you know. Priya says I have the right to know the truth. Maitri cries and says I came here to know the truth, I don’t know, I came to know, that Vedika thinks Ram wants to go back to you, I wanted to know if it’s true from Ram.

Priya is shocked and doesn’t know how to react. Maitri says I am sorry, but I am sure Ram is not like that. Priya thinks for men nothing is sure, they can do anything. Priya remembers all past moments of Vedika and Ram. Priya feels broken and sits down on bed. Maitri follows her. Priya feels sad. Maitri sits and cries. Maitri says please let me talk to Ram. Priya says you won’t talk to anyone, this is my personal issue with Ram, I will talk to him. Sara and Brinda are listening to all this. Priya says it’s so weird, god chose today’s day, in all the other colours this lie is also included, if Ram is true then we won’t have any issue but if Ram is at fault then I won’t forgive this. Maitri says I am sorry, I hurt you, what can I do to make you feel better? Priya says just don’t let Meera know. Maitri agrees. She tells Priya, I am feeling very weird thinking that Ram is doing the same thing our dad did to us, I still can’t believe it Ram is doing it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya drinks bhaang. Priya and Ram dance and play holi. Neeraj tries to tell Priya about Vedika infront of Ram. Ram beats him while Priya goes from there making Ram worried.

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